The Game of Thrones! - WARNING: SPOILERS

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  1. hey! Battmeghs here! i don't know about you but The Game of Thrones is nothing short of amazing, and i have not come acrossed a Game of Thrones thread yet, and it deserves one! my gosh does it! and to start off, i will post the most hilarious song i've ever heard, i can't stop singing it, i can't stop humming it... its now my phones ringtone >.< and my Empire friends need to see it too!

    ... so, lets post The Game of Thrones memes and talk about this great show/books! :3

  2. I read a book with the title of "Game Of Thrones".....

    It wasn't appropriate.
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  3. oh wow I wonder what people think when they hear your phone ringing :rolleyes: and also this isn't a very batmany song:confused:
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  4. Favorite Ringtone by far is my Girl's: Batman! Nanananana! Batman! aaaand Robin!
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  5. yeah, the books and the show do have a bit of graphic material. BUT, the storyline is great, the chose awesome characters, and George R.R Martin is a great author!

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  6. reins of castamere ftw
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  7. ... there are only 4 Starks left, someone needs to stop asking him when the next book comes out!
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  8. he has an food fetish, and heart problems. it should read every time someone asks me if _____ will die i will eat a nacho.
  9. Haha that's good one I was waiting for Conans band to start playing rains of castamere
  10. a little over 3 months before the series starts again, the trailer! BEHOLD!

  11. And another 6 books to go! (Including the ones written in 2 parts!)

    awww yish!



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  12. *giggles like a little girl when watching this :p
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  13. Durrrgonnnzzzzz Dragonnzzz Finally big n grown up :D
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  14. Lol prolly be towards the end of the season to see that scene again in the trailer.

    Also 6th book thought was only 5 out atm did he finally release 6th one.
  15. the 6th isn't out yet, only the 5th!
  16. Thought so... I still need read the 5th book.
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  18. The Needle strikes again.....
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  19. My dad subscribed to HBO this week just so we could see season 4, then he will cancel it when its over. xD