the end will be reset when 1.9 update comes?

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  1. I have a little question. the end will be reset when 1.9 update comes? im asking because theres new mobs, blocks, fruits, elytra and dragon heads ....
  2. Hopefully
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  3. it'll also be a good way to clean up all the griefed and torn down enderfarms that stopped working
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  4. When the 1.9 update comes we will outline any and all changes.

    Stay tuned =)
  5. i hope it does
  6. If you haven't seen the official EMC 1.9 news/update thread, The End Wastelands has been confirmed. Thus, the current End will become The End Frontier.

    Frontier worlds are promised to never reset. They are the places safe for building in to not be lost by the world resetting.

    In fact, you could bridge ≈ 1,000 blocks from the main island in The End Frontier to get to the outer islands where the Chorus Plants and End Cities are located.
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  7. I actually kinda hope they do just reset it that way I don't go out and fix it again; I don't even use my enderman farm anymore.
  8. But their is a set area around emc's frontier outposts that is reset so the question remains how will this be applied to the end?

    You're killing us with anticipation.
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  9. No way, there are 2 large public farms on the Utopia end, I would hate to see those reset!
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  10. i was meaning the waste end ;) not the utopia one....
  11. there is not a waste end currently, the waste portals take you to frontier end
  12. The main argument against having a waste end is that it would kill the price of end stone.
  13. End Stone is going to drop in price anyways with what 1.9 already has. There are outer End islands bigger than the main island, and there are 1,000s of them.
  14. Which sounds like a horribly small issue to impede this.
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