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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, miners and crafters, enchanters and architects, megamall owners and farmers! I, JabrZer0, have an announcement. The Empire MineCast is back with...

    Mod Olympics
    Maxarias' Team:

    Aikar's Team:
    With events including:
    - Archery!
    - Pig Racing!
    - Spleef!
    - Minecart Drag Racing!
    - 10k Team Marathon!

    Come watch all your favorite mods compete in completely useless games and activities!

    General Info:

    WHEN: January 13th, 3pm EST
    WHERE: Residence 201 on smp1 (type /v 201 or /v JabrZer0 <- that's the number zero, not the letter "o")
    HOW MUCH: Free, just like all Empire MineCast public events! (Though donations are always accepted)


    Now for some info on the biggest change made to the MineCast: We're bringing advertisements to the MineCast, so everyone can get a little bit of EMC fame for their creation! Have a supermall? We'll let EVERYONE know! Have a casino, game, or awesome project? We'll come play, explore, and share your creation with the world!

    -Tentative pricing is as follows (I'll adjust these depending on interest):
    1,000 rupees per second (so a 10 second spot would be 10k, 30 seconds = 30k, etc.)
    -Film your own ad for a 50% discount.

    PM me here on the site if you're interested :)

  2. Oh cool! Might get an ad...
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  3. FINALLY! something from minecast! :D

    took you a while... ;) i'm practically dead here! i need some excitement!
  4. Life, does get boring my young one... xD
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  5. your young one? lol
  6. I dont even know....
  7. Watching mods compete in crazy activities . . . :D yay sounds fun.
  8. i didn't think so :p i'm almost 10 years older than you. you youngin'. :D
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  9. 8 years :p So my olden?
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  10. nope. :p
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  11. I think the best bit is gonna be that it's Aikar vs. Max :3
  12. I got Fraps, I will take a look at the time, and see if I can film some stuff. =D

  13. Awesome! I'm excited!
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  14. Will surely participate!
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  15. Sounds fun but I say it is a complete ripoff of the LLOlympics. :p
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  16. Love it, I was gonna build a real nice please for the Olimpics but too late. Heh :p I would video... maybe
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  17. I've been planning this for a couple months, I just needed to find the time to build everything and film. No reason we can't both do it :) what events do you have?
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    That is the thread. It lists everything. It would be cool if the empire minecast could come and film it.
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  19. every one else may say this but if there's anything i can do just tell me :)
  20. I am assuming Max will be on her team as well as Aikar will be on his team? :p
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