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Are you coming to the LLOlympics?

Poll closed Jan 5, 2013.
YES IT WILL BE EPIC! 20 vote(s) 90.9%
Nah, boring :( 2 vote(s) 9.1%

  1. Hello EMC! The Last Light Outpost would like to invite you to the first ever cross-server Olympics! This event will be held on smp7 on January 11-January 18, 2013, America time.
    The Opening Ceremony will be held on Jan. 11, at 5:00 PM EST. It will feature Zulu9, the founder of LLO, Mrlegitislegit, an EXP party, music, fireworks, and more!

    The events are open to everyone to watch, or compete! Prizes are provided!
    •Spleef: Get your diamond shovels ready, as you are about to take on other spleefers in the LLO Spleef Arena!
    •Archery: A challenge, as you will be moving in the game, on mine carts.
    •Mini-golf: A fun game to compete in! Something that everyone can do!
    •Boating: Can you avoid whirlpools while dodging mobs while staying on your boat? Then go compete in boating!
    •Swimming: Welcome to the dark pool. Don't drown!
    •Mineshaft race: WARNING: You may die in the traps in this game, but you will not lose your items. You have been warned.
    •Wall Race: Race across the great wall that guards the LLO!
    •Wall Jumping: Jump in your best fashion from the top of the great wall that guards the LLO!
    •Fishing: Another calm sport, but how many fish can you catch in a small pond with currents in 2 minutes?

    Housing: Housing and food will be provided. We have guesthouses set up around the LLO, so don't worry about how you will stay there.

    How do I get there? We will have a Nether route set up for use. Tour guides are available, just PM myself, or Penfoldex so we can find you one.

    How will I get around? We have rail lines and signs leading you to places. If you do get lost, go to the LLO thread, and post that you are lost and need help.

    Wow! This sounds great! Do you need donations? We would appreciate donations to the prize money, but building-wise, we are fine. Send the rupees to either me or Penfoldex.

    Closing ceremony: This will be held on Jan. 19, 2013 at 5:00 PM EST.

    Dates of the events will be released at a later date when we have official numbers. To sign up for these events visit this thread.

    Countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#llolympics
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  2. We need more interest!
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  3. Been done a few times but sounds intresting.
  4. I've seen other ones and they all didn't turn out to well. So we have put a lot of hard work into doing this. So make sure your there. Just pm me or Penfoldex for transport.
  5. Bumping to get more interest. This is going to be an amazing event!
  6. It will, i have seen his plans, IT WILL BE EPIC
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  7. It was written by Penfoldex. I am going to change that now...
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  8. Cool!
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  9. Come on guys I want PMs asking for a place to stay!
  10. ?
  11. we have guest houses for people form town to stay while visiting
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  12. Guys. There may be a very special guest coming to this event. A rather well known you tube personality. Not captainsparkelz.
  13. Epic Video Coming Soon...
  14. Im in, I love archery.
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  15. Don't forget to sign up on the event sign up thread!
  16. Tobuscus? Syndicate? antvenom? Yogscast? Etho? I'll go on forever but I don't feel like it...
  17. Stads from the StadsCast?!? ViTiRiGAMER?!? WHO TELL US WHO!!!!! :p
  18. Nobody but pen knows who I asked. I don't even know if they will be able to come.
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  19. Game suggestion: Hot potato.

    Main objective:Avoid being stuck with the potato.

    Requirements: One slot available to hold and throw the baked potato at other players.

    Rules: All players must remain in the "obstacle" course at all times (the field may contain any obstacles apart from lava, holes and traps that kill).

    Losers are eliminated from each round if they still have a baked potato in their inventory (After a given time period).

    The person with the potato is chosen based on a randomised dispenser (With one potato and the other slots with random dirt etc). Player with the potato will require to "throw" the potato at someone in order to rid the "tag". Player originally with the potato is allowed a splash slowness potion in order to assist them.

    Precautions: Players are not allowed to leave the 30x30 field.
    Players are not allowed to throw the potato away -unless at a player.
    If lag causes "tagged" player to not pick up potato, player must be stopped by the referee in order to pick up the potato.
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