The Empire Good Samaritan Award

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  1. I was away for some time and it is very nice that some people remembered me.
    Thank you! :)
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  2. I am sorry to announce due to multiple complaints xHaro_Der has been eliminated. If you wish to recommend a player I am sorry to say that he cannot me one. Nick_Godoy is the new smp1 nominee for part 2. Due to multiple complaints and testimonies (what was said and who said what will remain confidential) he will not be able to compete for part 2. If you wish to ask questions on this matter do it in a private message. The samaritan must be someone who is respected and is always nice and while many people do like him and as many of the spies do we must have someone that everyone thinks is good. PM me for info, do not ask questions on the thread. xHaro_Der is still a great player and he still is a good samaritan in the community.
  3. good luck everyone in part 2! :D
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  4. Understood, also Nick_Godoy, you can PM or quote this post and I'll be happy to transfer the Round-1 winnings (10k) towards you :)
  5. unlucky haro :(
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  6. I'm not going to make a big deal out of it, I have a rough idea of what I may have did wrong and I accept the consequence :)
  7. A winner has been chosen and will be announced on halloween
  8. Oh.. The suspense!
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  9. I think the winner has to dress up in a costume for it lol!
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  10. Since I am a contender, I say HECK NO!
  11. Thanks to importerer for donating a treasure voucher and a labor bench!
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  12. A winner will be posted 24 hours from now.
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  13. I think it is 3 hours left! Can't wait!
  14. 2 hours left. I will announce the winner then. I will then pay out the final sum and set up access chests.
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  15. Shouldn't you just say it now? 80% of us will be asleep when you announce it ^.^
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  16. Good idea. I will say it in 5 minutes.
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  17. Been 7 minutes :p
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  18. Congratulations to player Nick_Godoy!!! Nick has always been a cheery member around EMC and help others all the time. Whenever I see him on he is always helping someone out and is always kind. You have one 100k, a beacon, a treasure voucher, a mini-TARDIS, a labor bench and a second chance book! It is about time you get something in return for all your good giving. I hope you use this money well and we thank you for what you do for us! Nick is not only a role model in EMC but also in real life. He volunteers with the LAPD which is amazing from a 15 year old.
  19. Congratz to Nick_Godoy and of course the other sparkling good samaritans we have :p