The Empire Chronicles (A Series about EMC!!)

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  1. Hai peoples of the interwebs, and welcome to a new story that will be written by me! It's been a while since I wrote a story, so I decided to make one about EMC! This series will have three parts and will star- wait for it- YOU!
    So here's how it works. I'm designating a bunch of character slots. If you want to join one, just say you want to in a post like this:

    I want to be (character slot name)
    My name will be (Minecraft username, if you want it shortened put it here)
    Description: (Description of character)

    And that's it! Easy, right?
    So here's the open and taken character slots:

    Main protagonist: Parody (me :D)

    Protagonist's sidekick #1: Cazi (CaziCookie)
    Protagonist's sidekick #2: Olaf (Olaf_C)
    Protagonist's sidekick #3: Open!!
    (These are the three people that join the main character)

    Main Villain: Hex (hex022103)
    (The big baddie)

    Villain's helper #1: Palm (Palmsugar)
    Villain's helper #2: Onaloa (oidgod)
    Villain's Helper #3: Porphy (porphyrian)
    (Help antagonist.)

    Comedic relief #1: Sinne (607)
    (Help to lighten the mood)

    (There will be a list here of people who just want a small part)

    That's it for now! New character slots may open in the future. BTW, if you see yourself used in part of the story in a way you don't want to be used, just tell me. I'll fix it right away.

    When I good amount of people, I'll begin to write.
    Chao for now! :)
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  2. I'd like to be Protagonist's sidekick #1
    My name will be Cazi
    (What do you mean by description? How they act, look, or both?)
  3. Ok, you're in!

    By description I mean how they act. Give me a feel of what the character would do when faced with a conflict. That's basically what you need in a character.
    I would also appreciate a description of their appearance. :)
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  4. Ok.
    Hair: Straight, golden brown, that reaches to her elbow.
    Eyes: Usually grey, but sometimes change to blue-grey in the sun.
    Other: A little bit of freckles, just around her nose.
    Personality: Very sarcastic, and funny. However, she turns serious in times of battle or critical moments. Usually she tends to be the silly, crazy, fun one in the group. Many people describe her as 'bold' and 'outgoing'. Can be cold and ruthless, but also sweet and caring if she wants.
  5. Let's start with the prologue!

    The Beginning

    Before Empire was created, there was an endless ocean on a vacant planet.
    No life existed. Nothing flourished. Even the oceans were bare.
    That was, until the comet hit.
    No one knows where it came from.
    Philosophers say it may have come from an alternate universe, possibly even time.
    When the comet hit the bare planet, it exploded, and a bright light spread over the world.
    The planet was divided up into three areas.
    One, the Frontier- an area of land, full of animals and monsters, with areas to build.
    Two, the Wastelands- a desolated area with many hardships and dangers.
    And finally, the Town- a peaceful, free-of-danger area, the place where the Crafters lived.
    The Crafters are what we are. We were created with the comet.
    The first Crafter was known as Aikar. He was the first to build and survive.
    He visited the Wastelands for materials.
    He visited the Frontier to build.
    He lived in Town.
    Soon, Aikar produced more Crafters (somehow,) and the population grew.
    Fast forward five thousand years.
    The areas of Town are locked in a fierce battle that will be known as the Grievous War.
    Many Crafters have fled to the Frontier to escape the war.
    As the Frontier begins to run out of space, some even resort to living in the Wastelands.
    Each side in the battle is exhausted. Countless lives have been lost.
    One day, each side finds their own Book & Quill in a cave.
    In these books there is a spell.
    Desperate, both use the spell, and each spawn a hideous monster.
    The left side spawns a flying skeleton known as the Marlix.
    The right spawns the massive zombie Momentus.
    The two titans battle. In their battles, they destroy nearly all of Town.
    The two fighting sides realize what evil they have brought upon the planet.
    Therefore, they put aside their differences to fight off the monsters.
    After many a fatality, they manage to drive the monsters into the Wastelands.
    To make sure that this never happens again, a monarchy is created.
    The King rules the land justly, with his wife, his daughter, and his son at his side.
    One day the King realizes that the world he lives in needs a name.
    He looks soon the kingdoms built and the bonds the Crafters have created.
    He finds it just like an empire.
    And Empire Minecraft is born.
  6. Wow, cool idea. ;o
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  7. Chapter 1-
    Parody stretched as he awoke from is bed. Yesterday had been a long, hard day of mining, and he was pooped. Getting up, he walked to the kitchen he had built out of nether quartz. Opening a chest, he grabbed an apple, sat on a block, and began to eat. He looked idly around his room, and then saw the calendar.
    It was Saturday. Crud.
    Parody frantically looked at the clock.
    12:30. Double crud.
    Dashing into his room, Parody grabbed his gear- an Iron Sword, and one half-broken iron chestplate. After a recent accident in the Wastelands involving TNT, Parody had lost all his gear, including his full set of diamond armor. He really needed to see the blacksmith again and get some more made.
    But no time for that now. Parody grabbed his TalkTablet, a commonly used device among the Crafters. It was used to talk with your friends at any time… And it could also be used to execute commands.
    Powering it on, Parody typed “/spawn” and hit “Enter.”
    Immediately, he was warped away. He found himself in the middle of Town. Quickly, he ran off to the left, where a large building stood. As fast as he could, Parody ran in.
    An old man was meditating on a tall stool. “ You're late,” he said as Parody ran in.
    “Sorry (pant) sir,” said Parody breathlessly, “I (pant, pant) slept in and-“
    “This is the third time this week,” intervened the elder. “I thought you said you wanted to be an Diamond Supporter. If you don't practice your sword skills, you won't even achieve Gold Supporter.” (Diamond Supporter, by the way, was the highest level of Empire knighthood a Crafter could achieve.)
    “I understand, sir,” said Parody, depressed. Sword practices had gotten dull. For the first couple of years, it was entertaining, but eventually running obstacle courses while slashing things got a tad bit boring. And by a tad bit boring, I mean really, really, REALLY boring.
    Occasionally, the Master (who was the old man) would take Parody out to the Wastelands, but NEVER let him stray even fifty blocks from the outpost. Parody wanted more adventure than that. He was really good with a sword by now, and his archery skills weren't that bad either. Why couldn't the Master just let him roam? Besides, he knew those rumors of getting lost in the Waste were faulty anyway. However, what Parody really wanted to do was visit the Nether, a hellish realm, home to powerful enemies.
    But Parody knew none of that would happen. He would be running the courses, once again.

    Meanwhile, near the middle of Town stood a grand castle. It was the home of the King of the Empire, who ruled justly and fairly. The King loved his job, and was thrilled to assist the residents of Empire Minecraft. However, at the top balcony of the castle, on the right turret, stood someone who didn't love this life.
    “Being a princess sucks,” said Cazi as she looked out on town. She quietly sighed to herself. Cazi had been living in the castle for all of her life, and had never once left Town. Though she constantly begged her dad to let her go out to the Wastelands, or the Frontier, or SOMETHING, but the King’s response was always a firm “No.”
    Cazi was currently sitting up one the balcony looking out at the residences,, and continued to do this for a while until a knock came at the door.
    “Come in,” she yelled.
    “You know, it's not very ladylike not to open the door for a gentleman,” said her brother, the prince, as he walked in.
    “I always thought it was the other way around.”
    “Yeah, it is,” said the prince, “but I’m not a gentleman and you’re not a lady.”
    Cazi chuckled. Her brother seemed to be the only person who understood her. He, too, was tired of being cooped up in town- in fact, he had been attending the swordsman elder’s fighting school just so that he'd be ready if they ever got to sneak out or something. Not that the King knew about the classes. If he did, the prince would be in deep trouble. And speaking of sword practice…
    “How’d class go today?” asked Cazi.
    “Oh, you know, same old, same old,” her brother replied. “We ran the courses again.”
    “AGAIN?!” said Cazi. “Is that all you ever do?”
    “Pretty much.”
    “Well, when’s the next visit to the Wastelands?”
    The prince sighed. “Not till next month. And besides, the old man never lets me go. Always some stupid excuse like ‘You’re the prince, so I can't put you in danger.’”
    “That stinks,” said Cazi. “How's your classmates?”
    “They're all doing pretty well. Except for that Parody guy. He's late almost every practice.”
    “I don't blame him,” said Cazi. “These practices sound pretty boring.”
    “True,” said her brother. “Now, come on, Cazi. It's time for dinner.”
    They both walked downstairs to the dining room.

    Parody was walking home exhausted. Since he was late three times in a row, the Master made him slash a training dummy until it broke. Parody had made the foolish mistake of cutting up the head first, which meant he still had the rest of the body to go, while he could have just chopped the bottom off to knock the dummy off its stand. Because of this blunder, his arm was in excruciating pain. “So much for visiting a friend’s residence afterwards,” said Parody angrily. “I gotta go rest this stupid thing up now.”
    Just then, without him noticing, Parody stepped on a pressure plate set into the ground. He heard the clicking noise and looked down.
    “What the-“ he began, but his sentence was cut off when iron bars sprung up all around him, trapping him.
    “This really is not my day, isn't it?” he said to himself. Suddenly a bunch of young children came running up and laughing, yelling “We got you! We got you!”
    “Ha ha!” said a little kid, who walked in front of the others. “My name is Brayneerio, but everyone calls me Braynee. I am classified as the most brilliant kid in the world!!!”
    “Whoop-dee-doo for you,” said Parody, bored.
    “We've trapped you in there forever and you’ll never escape!!”
    “Why?” asked Parody.
    “Why did you trap me?”
    “Ummmmmm…” The little kid thought, “Well, it's funny!”
    Parody whipped out his diamond pickaxe and drilled through the bars.
    “Well, I think I just spoiled the joke then,” said Parody grimly.
    “Oh.” Said Braynee. “Well, that's what you think! You still haven't seen my ultimate weapon! It's a-“
    “Look kid, I’m really not in the mood for games right now,” interjected Parody. “ I have a sore arm and I’m tired.”
    “I have a sore arm and I’m tired,” said Braynee, in a cruel mimic of Parody’s voice. “Waaah waaah waaah. I need my mommy! I hurt my arm!”
    Braynee’s posse guffawed.
    “You know, I have a sword, and I’m not afraid to use it.” said Parody tiredly.
    “ Ooooh, lookit me, I have a swoooord!” said the annoying kid, still in the same mimicking voice. “I bet it's wooden. You probably couldn't hurt me with it, even if you tried.”
    Braynee went on an on, with his crowd of little friends laughing at every stupid thing he was saying. Al the time, Parody was becoming more and more infuriated, until eventually his anger had reached its limit. He ran up to the little kid and grabbed him by the neck, hanging him in the air.
    Taking out his sword, Parody pointed it at the little boy.
    “You said it wouldn't hurt,” said Parody angrily. “Wanna see if that's true?”
    Braynee gulped. “U-Uhm…” he stammered, and then suddenly remembered something. Taking out a small sort of pistol from his belt, he aimed it at Parody’s face.
    “I was trying to explain what this was before, till you so rudely interrupted me,” said the little brat. “This is a little something I call the Anti-Gravity Gun. Basically, you get hit by this, you will go flying through the stratosphere with one push. The effect only wears off if you touch ground. I built it with a tuna can and a diaper box.”
    Before Parody could respond, he was shot with the blaster. He could feel his body becoming lighter. He accidentally dropped Braynee, who stood on the ground and laughed maniacally.
    “Now, let's see how tough you are,” he said evilly, giving Parody a shove.

    Cazi stood in her room, watching the skyline off the balcony. Dinner was awful as usual, so she had retreated to her room to go to bed. But before that, she was staring out the balcony. She loved to watch the sun set every evening. Even for someone like her, it was still peaceful and relaxing. Staring into it, she could forget who she was. She could imagine she was a simple townsperson, with all her friends, adventuring and building in the Frontier. It was so easy to lose herself in the sunset, just her, the peacefully setting sun, the orange sky, and the kid soaring through the air straight towards her.
    …That last part wasn't normal, was it.
    Doing a double-take, Cazi realized that some boy was flying through the air straight towards her balcony. She quickly jumped out of the way as he hit the ceiling and came crashing down to the floor with a thud.
    “Cazi, what was that?!” yelled her father from downstairs.
    “Nothing, Dad,” she lied. Cazi ran over to inspect the boy. He wasn't moving. Panicking, she checked his heart.
    Beating. Phew. He wasn't dead.
    But he was out cold.
    Cazi wondered what to do. All of this was completely random. Why did a boy suddenly fly into her room? How did he fly in?
    Well, whatever the cause, he was knocked out, and Cazi decided to be nice to this unknown boy. She didn't know why, but she felt that it was the right thing to do.
    Carefully, she picked him up and set him down in her bed. She picked up a spare mattress and laid it down to use as her place to spend the night. With her mind still spinning Cazi laid on the mattress and fell asleep.
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    (Sorry about lack of updates, I'm kinda busy right now)
  9. Well, I felt guilty about not making a chapter in a while, so here's #2! This was written right before going to bed, so please excuse the occasional spelling error or plot hole. I also tried to incorporate some humor into this one. Please enjoy my style of writing when I am tired, and my strange sense of humor!

    Chapter 2-

    Parody slowly yawned as he awoke to the crisp morning outside. He sat up, and then realized something.
    This was not his room.
    The area he was in had a pink-shaded wallpaper, green carpet, and luxurious furniture. Basically, it was a gazillion times more expensive looking than his.
    Shaking his head, Parody looked down to see he was in a giant king-sized bed, and he suddenly realized how comfy it was. It was so much after than his block of wool he used as a place to sleep. The bed seemed to be lulling him back to sleep.
    But Parody was curious, and curiosity conquers all when it comes to what to do next. Slowly getting up, Parody leaned over the left side to jump off, only to be completely shocked when he saw the princess of the Empire laying the ground, asleep.
    Parody racked his brain as to what he was doing here, but drew a blank. The last thing he remembered was getting shot by that annoying little brat’s gun thing, and blasting off through the air. He remembered the little kid… what was his name? Oh, yeah, Braynee. What a dumb and cliché name. Anyway, he remembered Braynee had said that unless you touch ground, you would keep flying forever.
    So why was he not in space right now? He must have touched the ground somehow, but how? And even more intriguing, WHAT THE HECK WAS HE DOING IN THE PRINCESS’S BEDROOM?
    Ever curious, Parody decided to go investigate his current environment.
    Slowly getting out, as to not awake the Princess (and that's another question, why was he in the bed and she on the ground?) Parody got up and walked to the balcony overhanging the ground.
    The view was astonishing. He took a minute to look at the blocky sun advance over the skyline. Running over to and grasping the rails stopping you from dashing right off the edge, Parody poked his head down.
    He had never been that high up before, and looking down was a bit terrifying, but exhilarating at the same time. He leaned even further over.
    Then Parody did a stupid thing.
    He yelled “Woo hoo!”
    Now I know you're all wondering, “What’s wrong with cheering? Are you some sort of pessimistic idiot?”
    To answer your question, the problem was that when you are in the bedroom of the famous princess of the Empire, and no one else knows you're there, the last thing you want to do is yell “Woo hoo!” loudly and alert the guards.
    And no, I’m not a pessimistic idiot.
    Parody realized his mistake immediately after he made it, but it was too late by then. There was already a call of “Who’s there?!” and the sound of armor-covered feet dashing up stairs.
    Suddenly, someone grabbed Parody by the hood and dragged him under the bed.
    He looked and saw it was the princess. And she looked ticked.
    “You idiot!” she said quietly but angrily. “What the heck did you think you were doing?!”
    “Ummm…” Parody stammered.
    “You just alerted the guards! Shut your mouth or you’ll get shish kabobed on a spear!”
    Parody laid in silence. What was there to say, anyway? Suddenly he realized that the polite thing to do would be to say “sorry.” I mean, she was a princess. But Parody got a feeling that she wasn't one for formalities, so he kept his mouth shut.
    Just then the door was bust down by a soldier. “Halt!” he yelled, “we command you by the king to tell what is going on!!”
    “Jimmy, what the heck, man!” exclaimed the other soldier. “You just broke down Princess Cazi’s door!!!!”
    “What?” said Jimmy, as he looked at the fallen door. “OH NO! The king is going to kill us for this!!!”
    Beside him, Parody heard Cazi breathe a tiny sigh of relief. “That's Jimmy and Tommy,” she explained, “the dumbest soldiers in the group. No wonder my dad dispatched them up here. He probably thought I was just making a ruckus, like when I dance to heavy metal music.”
    “You dance to heavy metal music?!” whispered Parody, surprised.
    “Uh- uhh, I, uh, uhm, just forget about that.” Even in the darkness, he could see her blushing. “Anyway, we need to get these soldiers out of here.”
    “I thought you said they were the dumbest ones.”
    “Even a dumb person knows how to tell the king that there’s a stranger in his daughter’s room,” said Cazi, exasperated.
    “Oh,” said Parody, “Yeah.” He was starting to get a little bit annoyed by the soldiers outside, as they had been blabbing for the past five minutes non-stop about how to get the stupid door fixed. Stupid door fixed… That’s it!
    “Hey, Princess,” Parody started.
    “Please, just call me Cazi. I hate formalities.” Knew it.
    “Ok, so, Cazi, you know that old saying to ‘fight fire with fire?’”
    “You mean that old one my nursemaid used to always say?” she responded. “Yeah, I know it. Why do you need to know?”
    “Because I’m about to fight stupidity with stupidity,” said Parody, as he rolled out from under the bed.
    “What?!” Cazi whisper-yelled. “Wait!”
    As Parody got up, Jimmy and Tommy immediately noticed him. Pointing their spears at him, they shouted “Who are you?!”
    “I… uh…” Parody realized he really hadn't thought this through well. “I'm… the Door Fixer Man. I fix, uh, doors that are broken!”
    Tommy cocked his head. “And you come out from under the bed?”
    “Uh, yes,” said Parody, “it's, uh… a trick of the trade. Very important. Can't tell you.”
    The dumb duo looked suspiciously at him. Was it possible they were not fooled? These guys had the IQ level of a piece of cardboard.
    Luckily for him, Jimmy and Tommy bought into it immediately.
    “Oh please help, Door Fixer Guy!” pleaded Jimmy. “We broke the door and need it mended!”
    Grinning, Parody said, “Okay, but it’ll cost you 10k rupees.”
    “But we don't have any rupees!” they whined. Figures, Parody said to himself, they probably fail every mission they go on.
    “Well…”he pretended to be considering their current fiscal situation for a moment, “I’ll do the job.”
    “REALLY?!?!?!” they yelled, excited, in unison.
    “BUT, you have to do a task for me.”
    “Anything, task us with anything!” healed Jimmy. “Anything to fix the door!!!!”
    “Hey, shut up,” said Tommy. “Who let you make the decisions for both of us? What if I don't want to be tasked with anything?”
    “If we don't do his tasks, he won't fix the door, Tommy!”
    “Oh,” said Tommy, taken aback. “Well then, fine. I’ll do his tasks.”
    He turned in Parody’s direction. “What do you want us to do, sir?”
    “Jump off the balcony,” said Parody.
    “OK!” they yelled cheerfully. They then lept off the edge towards the ground.
    Parody ran over and watched as they fell. Eventually, he hard a thud and a crack.
    “Yikes, that's gotta hurt,” said Parody to himself.
    Turning around, Parody realized that Cazi was standing behind him.
    “That was pretty harsh,” said Cazi. “And incredibly stupid. I like it. By the way, I never got your name.”
    “Parody,” he said. “Nice to meet you.”
    “Parody? Oh, you're the guy who my brother talks about after sword practice.”
    “The prince talks about me?!” said Parody excitedly.
    “Yeah,” said Cazi, smirking, “he says you're lazy and unproductive.”
    Parody’s smile immediately turned into a frown.
    “So, I wanna know,” said Cazi, “how did you end up flying into my room unconscious?”
    “I don't know how I got in here myself, but as to how I started flying through the air… it’s a long story.”
    “Then forget about it,” she replied. “I hate long stories.”
    Parody grinned. He was about to respond when she suddenly turned away from him and walked towards the end of the balcony. Slowly, Parody approached.
    When he finally stood right next to her, she said, “It’s beautiful, isn't it?”
    Parody looked where she was staring and saw it was at the sunrise. “Yeah, it's nice, I guess,” he responded.
    “Nice?!” she said. “It's not just nice. It's wonderful. Sometimes I feel like sunrises and sunsets are the only nice parts of my day.”
    “If the sun is one of the nicest things in your life, you must be surrounded by a lot of cruelty.”
    She sighed. Her light brown hair seemed to shimmer for a second. “It's true. Mom, and Dad, and everyone else- they all constantly neglect me just because I’m different.”
    “Different?” said Parody, “you seem pretty normal to me.”
    “I mean different as in Princess standards. You see, most princesses want to daintily grow up, have tea parties and play with dolls, and then when they’re adults, they just wanna get hitched with some hot guy, have a crud-ton of kids, and then die of old age.”
    “That sounds pretty dull.”
    “Tell me about it,” she said with a sigh. “But I don't care for any of that. I want to fight, like my brother, and adventure and build in the Wilderness and Frontier, and just generally have a fun life. You get me?”
    Parody had his head down and was silent. He seemed to be thinking about something.
    “Parody?” said Cazi. “What's wrong?”
    Suddenly Parody’s head shot up.
    “You said you wanted to explore the Wastelands and Frontier, right?” said Parody, quietly.
    “Yeah, why?”
    He turned to face her with a determined look on his face. “Then let's get you there,” he said, drawing his Iron Sword.
  10. Question: May I be one of the writers?
  11. Could I be protagonist two? I am also interesting in helping writing.
  12. Well, if you gave some ideas, that would be great. I'm always looking for inspiration. Maybe at some points, I can let others write chapters.
    Request accepted, you'll appear in the next chapter. Can you give yourself a name and description though please? And the more ideas for writing help, the better. :D
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  13. I am a time traveling clock named Olaf. He is a time traveling clock often confused for a snowman. He is very smart, but he tends to mess up a bit. He is also very classy :3
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  14. Hey Palmsugar, noticed you've been liking a lot of posts. Want to be in the story? We still need a villain and more.
  15. Accepted! Perfect, now the team's got a weird kid, a tomboy princess, and a time-traveling clock. This is gonna be great. X3
    Maybe I should open up some more spaces for protagonists helpers...
  16. xD Sure, I was just considering it, but I doubt I'd be suited for the main villain. :p If you want you could use me for one of the other characters. Could you make my character indecisive, shy, dreamy and secretly sweet, but usually hiding? Would you need more info?
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  17. So, like, kinda shy yet a nice person deep down? Sure, I've written characters like that hundreds of times. Do you want to be a protagonist's helper? Or maybe someone who appears for one chapter and then is gone in the next?

    Also... Do you want to be called Palmsugar or do you want something else?
  18. lol good to know it's a super ordinary character xD Put me on the bad guys' side for originality's sake to make it challenging. :p For the name you can use Palm or Palmy depending on the context. I'll leave the frequency of my character up to you, whichever you find easiest in the story. Good luck. ^_^
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  19. Thank you, and have a nice day! Or night, for my part of the US. I really need to get to bed. |:[
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