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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 72Volt, May 1, 2016.

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  1. Vote or stand, and I'll pay you a free 100r! Learn how to vote/stand in this post!


    SMP8 • /v 16676 • /v +parl • /v +parliament • /v 72Volt

    The Parliament of EMC will be a legislature with 4 members elected from each of the Empire's 10 servers. Anyone will be eligible to vote for candidates standing for their servers (based on where your primary residence is). I will serve as Speaker of the Parliament, responsible for organising sessions and elections.

    The Parliament will hold debates of both silly and srs issues, as well as being a forum for community development in EMC. It will be empowered to kit out the huge empty spaces within the Parliament as they deem fit as a space for the EMC community to do cool stuff, and collect voluntary taxes (donations) to spend on doing cool stuff for the community. As Speaker, I will be responsible for holding all the Parliament's rupees, in my own rupee account, and hereby donate my own rupees for the Parliament's use.


    • To stand, post on this thread and state exactly: "I hereby stand for election." State which server your main residence is on.
    • Please do not state a server other than where your main residence is!
    • To vote, like the post(s) of the candidate(s) you wish to vote for.
    • You may vote more than once - but please do not vote for candidates not on your server, as they will not count.
    • Please do not like a candidate's post unless you are voting for them!
    • Do not offer voters a rupee, item or any other reward for voting for you or a specific candidate. If you do, you will be disqualified. If any candidate PMs you or posts offering such a reward, please report them to me.
    • If you wish to cast your vote secretly, you can do so by PMing me your choice.
    • Our first election will last until 9th May 1pm BST.
    I look forward to your participation!
  2. First
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  3. I hereby stand for election for smp8
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  4. This could be fun ;)

    4 years on EMC and it all began on SMP3. I hereby stand for election for SMP3. It's time to make us relevant again.
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  5. Nah, I'm going to make tutorials free. I'm going to make tools to protect you from those dirty mobs/players free. I'm going to make the rich and corrupt pay for it. #FeelTheChocolate
  6. I hereby stand for SMP2, who ever wants to vote for me like my post pretty please.
  7. why do we even need this :confused:
  8. The way I look at it is that its kina of an NHS. They create events to unite the community more, and collect funds to donate to other events
  9. I hereby stand for election for smp8.

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  10. I hereby stand for election for smp5
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  11. I hereby stand for election for smp7
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  12. I hereby stand for election for SMP5. :)
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  13. I also hereby stand for election for smp5 because why not?! I'm the political stormtrooper now!
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  14. I hereby stand for election for smp7.
    Cool idea! :) I'll see how this plays out!
    Anyone else from smp7?
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  15. Sounds cool! I will stand to be elected for the Great Smp of 7! Finally a chance to express my(somewhat) great speaking skills!

    Edit: To be official: I hereby stand for election for smp7
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  16. Smp6. Us pvpers can talk too.
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  17. I hereby stand for election for SMP1.
    Nice idea, we'll see how this goes :)
  18. I hereby stand for election for SMP3, the home of.. well not many at all :p I'll sgand for Zabriel! For Kyzoy! For Luckypat! And for Ladblo!! Lets do this SMP3 ;3 Oh and coal. I bloody love coal.
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  19. I hereby stand for election for SMP6.

    What is important for me
    • fair play
    • nonviolence
    • honesty, integrity
    • justice, fairness
    • social responsibility
    • social development
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