The Do's and Do Not's of Reporting

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  1. Hey Community,

    Recently I have seen more and more reports in the database that are not reportable. The /report tool is in place for moderators to effectively and efficiently handle rule-breakers, but with a lot of report spam, that is difficult.

    Therefore here is a guide to what should and shouldn't be reported. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the report congestion so that we can better handle the more serious reports.

    Do: Report players that purposefully spam chat.
    Don’t: Report players for accidental double posts.

    If someone says something twice, then abruptly apologizes, give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t report them. Why, you may ask? With our chat system, you can press the up arrow on your keyboard to go back through your last typed comments. It is very easy to accidentally do this and make a double post. However, spamming and apologizing to the extent that a moderator thinks it is being done on purpose may result in a temporary break from Empire Minecraft at the discretion of the moderator.

    -Come shop at res # 0000.
    -Come shop at res # 0000.
    -Come shop at res # 0000.

    Not Reportable:
    -Come shop at res # 0000.
    -Come shop at res # 0000.
    -Oops, sry for the double post.
    Do: Report players for legitimately abusing caps.
    Don’t: Report players for one line of accidental caps.

    If someone says something in caps, then abruptly apologizes, give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t report them. Why, you may ask? Everyone has accidentally hit that dreadful caps lock button and ended up typing in all caps at least once. However, using caps repeatedly and apologizing to the extent that a moderator thinks it is being done on purpose may result in a temporary break from Empire Minecraft at the discretion of the moderator. Note: Purposefully using any caps in adverts is considered unnecessary use of caps and will be addressed as such.

    -PLZ COME!

    Not Reportable:
    -Sry caps
    Do: Report players that use foul language in chat.
    Don’t: Report players that use mild language in chat, unless excessive.

    Mild language is defined as “shit, damn, or hell”. Our chat is designed to be family-friendly and the words listed are allowed in a PG movie. We have listed some words that we find acceptable in mild use. However, excessive use of this language should be reported. If you have any questions about what is or isn't acceptable, ask a staff member.

    Reportable: Anything more offensive than the words listed. Or anything that involves the words being used as an insult.

    Not reportable: My shit is gone!
    Do: Report players for scamming, stealing, or griefing your items/creations and BE DESCRIPTIVE.
    Don’t: Report players for scamming, stealing, or griefing without any idea of who did it/evidence against them.

    In addition, please don’t just type “stealing” as the report reason. The more detailed you are, the more we can help. Reports about “stealing” often cannot be handled without more evidence which often ends with the robber getting away clean. Often the best thing to do is start a conversation on the forums with a mod who is online with as much detail as you can. When we get a report, we try to pm the player, but if you pm us first, it saves us time and can help catch the rule-breaker faster. Please do not pm us in-game with tons of details. It is easier to keep track of your report if you do so in a forum conversation.

    In addition, reporting a player with no proof will normally lead to a dead end for us. In addition, we cannot punish on the grounds of your testimony. I now it's hard to believe, but some people cannot be trusted and lie in reports. Therefore, in order to protect all our members, we avoid use of hearsay as the only evidence in a report. If you have any screenshots that can serve as evidence please include them in your conversation with a moderator.

    On another note, be wary of who you allow to have permissions to your lot. Grief reports that involve the player having permissions to your lot are hard to prove and often result in the griefer getting away with it. Only give permissions to those who you trust would not steal anything if given the opportunity. It will save you time and frustration in the long run.

    I'd like to also add that griefing in the wild is NOT ALLOWED. However, due to the wild's lack of permission commands, please lock up your valuables with [LOCK] signs and report the incident immediately once evidence of a griefing is discovered. Reacting quickly will help us to catch the perpetrator and prevent them from continuing to steal and grief other players.

    Bad Report: /report player Scamming
    A good report: /report player Scamming. I paid him 10 rupees for gold and he didn't give it to me.

    Please do not report players for annoying you or getting in your face. If a player is annoying you, please kindly ask them to stop. If they do not, this can easily be solved with the knowledge of the /ignore and the /res pset player move f command.

    When a player is breaking the chat rules in-game and a moderator is online, please pm the moderator BEFORE making a report. When you make a report, it goes through to the Square database (our moderation tool) and any staff online may grab the report and punish the player. This can sometimes cause mishaps where players are punished twice because one moderator was just a bit faster than the other.

    By following the guidelines above, you can help the staff better serve you by increasing the efficiency when handling reports. If we have less small reports come in, we can spend more time out catching the big bad guys: the hackers, cheaters, scammers, etc.

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  2. that careface though.
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  3. Thank you for sharing this with us, krysyy. :)
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  4. What about the forums - In the past I was told to report my auction if it was finished so it should be closed? Should this be done - yes or no?
  5. Well I'll be darned, "shit" is not a swear-word on EMC. It must have a less serious meaning to you US folks, it's one of the more serious ones in the UK (similar to the f word ) I certainly wouldn't want to hear that in a PG rated movie
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  6. really? It's that bad? dayum
    For this, would we have to server-hop, or can we report if a staff isn't connected to the server I'm currently on?
  7. Thanks a lot of clearing this up for everyone. I usually do not use /report; I get a mod right away if someone is online. However, I indeed see the /report feature being abused a lot. You have already stated the examples that I was going to mention here.
  8. Use /who staff to see what staff is online.
  9. i though it was /staff?
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  10. Good to clarify.
  11. Yes. This guide is for in-game reports so it doesn't mention that
  12. This post was much needed! Thx Krystal! :)
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  13. Thanks for clarifying, I would have /report'd something up there that was under the do not /report section :)
  14. This is EPIC! Thanks for posting this x100!
    Yes, we really needed this post, and a click-able link to bring players to this post when they type in /report so they can see what is appropriate use!

    Most of the time, just mentioning it in a nice way, to the player will stop the player from 'breaking' the rules.

    Another thing to avoid doing a report is just seeing what mods are on, hop to that server and send a quick PM.
    If it doesn't say 'player is away and may not see....' you should be good!
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  15. Okay.. Okay.. I will stop reporting people for advertising other servers (Besides the smp servers, ie. servers other than EMC) in town chat.. :oops:

    ...As well as trolling with Nodus commands in chat as well for an investigative report.. :oops:
  16. Yes we've needed this! :D hopefully it'll help newer players, and remind veteran ones! :)
  17. This thread (imo) should be pinned at Community Discussion and linked from EMC Wiki for new players :)
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  18. Plan on adding it to the wiki tomorrow morning! :D
  19. As someone who is reported a lot (or threatened to be reported a lot) for things that aren't against EMC rules, I approve this thread.

    for example: I got reported a couple days ago for killing baby cows for the lulz of it.
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