The bright side to Minecrosoft!

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  1. Alright so lately you guys have been freaking out over this Microsoft buying Mojang and instead of looking at all of the negative aspects, look at the positive ones!
    *Not my images

    Who isn't craving this?

    See? Minecrosoft is not all that bad!
    Don't get sad, get happy!
    Also, 1.8.1 change logs!
    • +Added Microsoft
    • -Removed Notch
  2. what is your plan?
  3. You have a plan with a useless thread?
  4. Regarding your signature.
    It is "A useless", not "An useless".
    Only use "an" when the word after it sounds like it begins with a vowel such as "an hour". The word "Useless" sounds like it begins with a "Y" so it would be "A useless".
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  5. What's your point?
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  7. Lel please correct my signature please. :)
  8. Thank you! :)
  9. Hey, you did something with the useless thread!