The biggest firework of them all (tnt res explosion)

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  1. So how did it go? I watched the video, but I'd like to hear from people who weren't recording, as I bet they weren't lagging so much. ;)
  2. It went as expected... The tps slowed down, but, if you had a somewhat decent pc, you could still get it running smoothly... I don't think I saw framerates under that which my monitor suports, I unlocked the fps for a while and got a solid 700 on average, peaks in the 900s...
    For what you saw: tnt exploded, then a long pause, then some tnt exploded again, then again a long pause, slowly forming a somewhat organic structure.
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  3. So did the server crash or not?
  4. It did not. It came to a standstill though, till I finally cleared out the pending explosions
  5. How did it compare to the minecart tower from a couple weeks ago?

  6. The minecart tower had nothing on the tnt
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  7. The minecart tower got the tps to 6.2

    The tnt? .76
  8. so is SMPBomb a real thing now
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  9. One more reason SMP8 is best server. <3
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