The Biggest, Boldest Casino Empire has ever seen is now OPEN! Win 2 million rupees, SMP3 /v 6006

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  1. The BEST fun is had at /v +Truman Casinos! With one coming to every SMP, you won't have to leave yours to play with your friends or just be close to home!

    NOW AVAILABLE: Win a Derelict Protection Vouch or up to 2 MILLION RUPEES, SMP3 @6006

    • Want to bet low and try your luck? We've got a slot machine for you!
    • Want to bet BIG and WIN big? We've got a slot machine for you!
    • Want to win a Diamond Supporter Vouch or some Promos? We've got slot machines for you!
    • Want a Vegas Style machine to really build anticipation? We've got the machines for you!
    We even have ROULETTE and BLACKJACK! The closest thing to real life you'll find ANYWHERE on Minecraft! Message me to play. Check it out:

    SMP1 Spawn /v 107 OPEN, Roulette available
    SMP2 /v 4004 OPEN
    SMP3 /v 6006 Flagship Casino OPEN
    SMP4 Spawn /v 8001 OPEN
    SMP5 /v 11000 OPEN
    SMP6 Coming soon
    SMP7 /v 14444 OPEN
    SMP8 Spawn /v 16003 OPEN
    SMP9 Spawn /v 18006 OPEN
    UTOPIA /v 5335 Blackjack only!

    Remember, they're all available with /v +Truman

    Have YOU enjoyed the /v +Truman Casinos? Leave a review here!!
    All machines are staff approved. Please play responsibly
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    Coming soon :)
  3. Why hello there! As a loyal customer I must say top notch quality gambling. He helps control your spending, and it is all very fun! Payouts are pretty good, but as a reviewer, I have a small issue :p Your player run games such as blackjack are not playable often because most of the day you are AFK. Otherwise great service! Keep it up :D
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  4. Yeah, you can most definitely win here!
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  5. meanwhile i just lost 200+k.... all good, I knew i should have stopped after I won once but the thirst for rupees drew me in like the dark side of the force.
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  6. lol same here ancient
  7. So I was wondering if each casino is going to have the exact same machines. Cause maybe some SMPs might have machines I like more than other SMPs
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  8. I definitely vary the types of games and theirs stakes. The casinos will have a familiar feel but each one has some unique things to it, explore around and see what you like best!!
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  9. yeah ive been and lost hundreds of thousands of ruppes(curse you unlucky casino lol)but they are all fun
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  10. Can relate-- pretty sure I lost between 600k- 850k at these xD
  11. *cough* 2 mill *cough* *cough cough*
  12. bump! Lot's of great games to check out!
  13. Good times playing roulette here earlier!

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  14. Pretty sure you guys are losing more than I've ever had at one point in all the time I've played, lol
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  15. Come play today!
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  16. Play what? Is there a new machine? ;)
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  17. im coming
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  18. What you do with all those rupees?
    On your next build in smp8, come spend some at my shop /v +market
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  19. he should spend them at 125 :p
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