The Biggest, Boldest Casino Empire has ever seen is now OPEN! Win 2 million rupees, SMP3 /v 6006

Discussion in 'Business Listings' started by TrumanIII, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. I say he should buy my head and place at the machine I never win at but drop so much R at...
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  2. Come win Permanent Derelict Protection!
  3. Still looking for more players to leave reviews for others to see!
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  4. Trumans Casino will take all you rupees highly recommend 10/10

    to be fair my friends and I have also won alot, highly addictive worth checking out
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  5. Ah yes, gambling. Good luck you guys and I hope none of you go broke!
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  6. Just won the perm voucher :)
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  7. It’s a great casino I played the machine that wins 50k and won three times in a row
  8. Move & TP flags appear to be off? Is it closed?
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  9. I believe SMP3 is the only one with move off, it has been undergoing extensive renovations but will hopefully be coming very soon!
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  10. Nice!
    I did notice that a lot of the places on your smp5 one I believe were "out of stock"
    Just a little heads up :)
    Won 25K from the color machine thing :D
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  11. Oh I forgot to tell u I won ur fishbowl at one of ur casinos with one token :p like a month ago
  12. Hm, interesting... I might check it out! I can't imagine the appeal yet, though (surely it must be a lot different than in real life).
  13. It isn't exactly like a real life casino, but its pretty fun! You should check it out and see the differences. Both Blackjack and Roulette are very similar to real life though!
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  14. Spent ~270k... won one of the 50k prizes at one point. That was a fun way to spend an hour lol :p.
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  15. even though me myself seriously believe that any existing casino is designed to drain all your currency out of your pocket (and still let you smile) (if you find any that does not drain you after 1k play, plz pm Aikar and Kryssy), I'm still gonna say that it's pretty well-designed Redstone wise.
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