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  1. Y'all have probably wondered who this weird kid is that has a creeper head on top of a pineapple skin that's been running around /smp2 the last few days. And rightfully so; wouldn't want a stranger wandering in your midst. So i guess its high time I got off my rear end and introduce myself to the community.

    For starters, I'm ElfinPineapple0 (names have been changed to protect the innocent). My minecraft days started years ago when I picked up the game at the encouragement of a friend and started nibbling around the edges. I played on a survival server but eventually left it because I lost interest in it. Fast foward a year or so and I discover economic servers exist - holy crap, why didn't they tell me this before I thought.

    I floated around some servers and heavily tried a couple before settling down here. I love the style of economy this server has and how clean the development was. The community is absolutely fantastic and understanding - even when I attempted to report an issue to a moderator...unbeknownst to me a mod was after it and happend to be the same guy I bought cocoa beans from about 15 minutes prior: whoops! A normal trip to Screwedville turned into a generous lesson from said moderator - who will remain unidentified unless he chooses otherwise - regarding the structure and identifying markers of key players and staff members. That's one of the binding reasons why I plan on sticking around: The server is less dictorial as it is familial; staff aren't inclined to rip hides and will do everything to avoid doing so unless they have to. That beind said, they're stringent on rules and I greatly appreciate it.

    As for me personally, I will be graduating this saturday with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and will be entering the Masters of Public Administration program starting in January 2015. Both degrees will be from the same school and the name of the school will naturally be held confidential. If I vanish this weekend for extended periods, that's why. :)

    Besides being a political nerd and a minecraft nerd, I am absolutely obsessed with writing, human rights research and coming up with new ideas. In addition to my background in political science, I've got a bit of background in public relations. I also love to contribute and help out others so I'm always willing to lend a hand where it is needed here.

    Anyways, just thought I'd throw this out there. I know it's my third post and not my first...but better late than never in my opinion.
  2. Welcome !!


    Sometimes I forget I'm not on my iphone and need to use proper punctuation and such.
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  3. Welcome to the empire! I'm glad you find it so family-iar/familylike/familyish(would that be familish? That sounds like a pokemon...)/whatever the word is. :p
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  4. Howdy!
    Always glad to see cool new people on smp2.
  5. Hello Elfin!

    Nice meeting you here and welcome to the Empire. Once again a player pops up who's name sounds very familiar to me, and what a coincidence that we're both playing on smp2! ;) Now I remember: I think we met in the park someday while we were both going out fishing! :D

    (ok, ok, sorry for the jokes. I can't help myself; weekend is almost upon us and I'm in a really funny / good mood).

    Lets start over... (lol)

    Hi Elfin!

    Nice to see you found your way over here as well and most of all I'm very happy to see that you're also enjoying yourself here. As we discussed in game; some things work a lot different than we're used to, and mining sometimes becomes a sheer disaster (naah, it's something to get used to) but once you get a little feel for the way the server works then it can really hook & sinker you.

    I'm really happy that you're having a good time so far.
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  6. You sound very cool, I hope that we meet soon!
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  7. Welcome! :) I'm sure you'll find your place here soon enough!
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  8. Welcome to the Empire Elfin. It is a fun and great server.
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  9. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  10. Welcome =D.
  11. Welcome to the Empire, Elfin! :)
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  12. Wow. From that you actually seem pretty cool.(s0 have a follow) I personally LOVE coming up with new ideas. But usually they might be turned down (with my luck! :p) Good luck on your adventures on the empire! ;)