The Bad Meme Machine

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    9000th post
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    9001th post
  3. Anyways, to give this thread at least SOME reason for existing, besides celebrating my 9000th post (yay!), describe your day, or anything you'd like, using only outdated memes!
    9002th post

    Also: I'd like to thank My friend Tijmen for helping
    me with this really useful thread. He says Hi.
    This post took 1 hour to plan. Hopefully you like it. lol.
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  4. From now on, every post will be your over 9000th post

    Rip ctrl, v, and enter keys

    EDIT: Dang 20 image limit
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  5. I searched for "list of outdated memes", but didn't find anything particularly useful to describe my day.
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