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  1. What is the AGA?
    The AGA, or Anti-Gapple Association, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making the PvP arenas fair and free from gapples, teams, or worse, teams with gapples. AGA members will assemble whenever there is a large team or a player with god apples, and will attempt to kill those players.

    We did not form this group to harass other players, we formed it because there isn't an effective method to take down a player using gapples. I personally don't think that gapples should be banned from the arenas, but it's a pain to PvP with someone who uses them. Many of us realize it is very difficult to take down people who choose to use them, and we decided to change our play-style to a Team. We are stronger as a team, and people who use gapples are now in a position that they can be taken down. I can see we are getting a lot of hate for this, but this was not meant to harass others. I apologize for any misconceptions about this group. :)

    The AGA's only presence is in the PvP arenas (and this thread).


    How do we operate?
    AGA members have one simple rule to follow: Never use a golden apple in the PvP arenas.

    AGA members will use whatever they can to kill their targets, including potions.

    When there is a player using god apples, members will team up kill them, and will not attack anyone other than their targets unless they are attacked first. This means you're not going to get jumped by five people just for entering the arenas.

    Original members include:
    Luckypat - founder/leprechaun/supplier of Minty Armor
    PenguinDJ - founder/water temperature specialist
    captaincraft300 - captain (duh)
    coolblox100 - juke box
    Dr_Chocolate14 - snack guy

    The AGA is currently invite-only. You may get an invite by a) being active in the PvP arenas and b) strictly opposing the use of gapples. However, if you are interested, please tell a founder (Luckypat or PenguinDJ) and we'll consider recruiting you. Please do not bug the founders for an update. Excessive bugging will result in denial of your request.

    Note: This thread is not for the discussion/debate of whether gapples should be allowed in PvP. I will request any discussion/debate of this topic to be deleted.

    List of name we've been called
    Something I probably shouldn't say
  2. I approve... Amen to this :rolleyes:
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  3. How about the Anti Marlix Bow Asscociation? :p
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  4. In general we are here to establish justice. We ARE the Hounds of Justice. We are the AGA.
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  5. Didn't think something like this would some to pass. Even so. I feel like 2 or 3 good people at the arenas good just as easily stop gapple users. This entire group just seems like a way of telling people not to use them :p Aka A threat to gapple users. I dunno if you guys can respond as quickly as needed. But this is a good movement :)
    Pretty sure quite of a few of the current members use marlix bows...
  6. Two or three can probably stop a lot of gapple users. Today, Luckypat and I completely shut down PvP alone. However, 5 people is almost a guaranteed kill. Besides, it's rare all five of us are on at the same time.
  7. AMBA does have a nice ring to it.
  8. Forming a group that doesn't use a certain item in PvP? Sure, +1

    Making one of the specific tasks of that group to purposefully gang up on players who use that certain item? -9001
    If I was a PvPer who used gapples, and every time I went to PvP I was chased out by a specific group, I would feel harassed and unwelcome on the servers. Nobody should be hunted down by a group that doesn't approve of what they do, it is intolerance like that that polarize a community.

    A greifer as defined by Wikipedia:
    Chat, Groups, the forums, etc were not created with the intention of being used to single out players in negative ways. I would consider this a griefing.

    Asking for tiered arenas is fine. Creating a group for the specific purpose of righting a perceived wrong via questionable methods is not fine.

    EMC is "Play your way", not "Play my way or I will do whatever I can to stop you."
  9. On the flip side of that:

    If I was a PvPer who didn't use gapples, and every time I went to PvP I was chased out by a team/someone with god apples, I would feel harassed and unwelcome in the PvP arenas (I don't know why you mentioned servers; this group only operates in the PvP arenas). Nobody should be killed by a player that doesn't play fair, it is intolerance of the other side of the story* like that that polarize a community.

    Making things fair? +1 from me.

    Griefing on the Empire is destroying someone's creations. Not what Wikipedia says.

    We are not harassing anybody. We're killing people who, in our opinions, use tactics/items that make PvP unfair.

    If players get angry over other players doing what they think is right... I don't know what to say.

    *From a thread I wrote a few days ago:

    Arguably unimportant, yes, but still worth mentioning as a footnote. God apples (Gapples) give a player invincibility for 30 seconds, and resistance for 5 minutes. It's no fun trying to fight somebody with gapples. Try having a fair fight - and that doesn't mean go to the fair arenas. It means try it from the other perspective - go against someone using gapples when you have nothing. It might give you a new perspective on using gapples.
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  10. Going to start using gapples everytime I go.
  11. More justice to be served! Thanks!
  12. but you guys use gapples to kill gapple users..... so only you are allowed to use them? i should come back to town and kill yall for lulz
  13. I, personally, WILL NOT waste money on gapples outside of events. Don't know about the other guys but, make your way to PvP... Lucky, Penguin and I are waiting. :)
  14. As an absolute last resort, i.e. no other team members online. I see your point thought, and that'll probably change.

    Edit: changed to: AGA members have one simple rule to follow: Never use a golden apple in the PvP arenas.
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    Fair is not an opinion, is strictly defined. The rules allow it, so it is considered fair. Other players are in no way being stopped from using the same strategy, which again confirms that they are fair.

    I dislike bows in PvP due to the mechanics of them. Does that mean that I can say that bow users aren't playing fair? No. They are legitimately using a game defined item as it was intended. I also have the option of getting a bow and using it myself, but I would rather not do that. Just because I do not want to do something, does not mean that others who do it are not being fair to me.
    From the Rules page:
    The rules never can, and never will, reflect all of what is allowed and disallowed on EMC. Just because something is not explicitly defined the same here as it is elsewhere does not mean that the other definition does not apply here.

    This group more likely would void this rule:
    It is clear that the intentions of this group is drive away the use of gapples in the PvP arenas. There is no way that doing said actions will not upset the sect of EMC that uses those items.
    Prior to the wastelands existing, the community was divided by how it viewed a wild reset. Each side had their own reasons, none of which were explicitly right or wrong. Tempers flared by both sides in many debate threads. Both sides were doing what they believed was right, yet people still got emotional. Is it wrong for people to get upset when their play-style is being sought out and attacked?

    It is also highly hypocritical to make such a statement. This whole anti-gapple movement was born from players being angry at people who were using gapples. Those gapple users are using them because they believe that what they are doing is right. So if I am interpreting this correctly, it is justified that the anti-gapple players are upset at the gapple players, but it would be wrong for the gapple users to be upset at the anti-gapple groups hunting them down. That doesn't seem fair to me.
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  16. Enough is enough, guys.
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  17. I believe that when he added that note, it's intentions were to stop and discussion/debate on whether or not gapples should be allowed in PvP. It would not make any sense to stop discussion about about the topic in the OP, since threads in the "Community Discussion" category are made for discussion.

    This is further reinforced with this post:
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  18. So you're claiming this group is breaking a rule? A PvP group is breaking a rule? I'm sorry... no.

    That rule is geared towards flame wars. This will, in no way, start/cause a flame war. I won't let it.

    You don't have to like the group. But it doesn't break any rules.

    I disagree with one huge thing here: "their play-style." I don't believe a wild reset is a play style. Of course it's okay for people to get emotional when their work on EMC has the potential to be erased. That doesn't really relate to the topic at hand.

    You're interpreting that incorrectly. I don't understand why people are upset about players doing what they think is right, hence the "I don't know what to say." I never said it was wrong for them to be upset.
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