Thanksgiving Part 2: Super Turkeys are LIVE!

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  1. Welcome back to EMC the SUPER TURKEY!

    If you've never faced off with one of these fiends, prepare your mouse for some torture. They've got extremely high health and are determined not to end up on your plate for dinner. If you do happen to get it on your dinner plate, you may find that it comes with its own knife, in the form of the Turkey Slicer! Good luck and we apologize in advance for the carpal tunnel syndrome...

    But wait, there's more!!!!

    Feast chests are also back!
    Feast chests randomly spawn in either of the non-Town Wilderness Worlds during the event. The player is alerted by a gold-colored message of its approximate coordinates, and each chest islabeled with a sign above it. While the Feast for a King paper contained within each chest has no function, the chests also include food, such as stacked cakes, cooked chicken, and fish.

    Miscellaneous extra code:
    Aikar tamed the wild beast and fixed the Halloween promo horses Frankensteed (we think).
    So feel free to actually use those now, and sorry about the delay.
  2. Woot happy early thanks giving!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all you 'Muricans :D
  4. Happy Turkey Day.. ( well not so happy for the turkeys perhaps...)
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  5. I knew they wouldn't stay away from us
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  6. I'm saving my stomach for Thursday, when I'll be eating real turkey~
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  7. Ouff, hunting season!
    First thing I did was hop on EMC, just killed my first turkey for the season, no slicer though!

    Going to keep at it though! :D
  8. Yeah, let the hunt begin.
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  9. Moophahahaha, my fingers are gonna be super muscular after hunting my Thanksgiving turkey! (Or I could invite him to firefloor... Capture him and cook him all at once! ;))
  10. I like to capture me sum mascots ;)
  11. Don't feel bad - the Super Turkeys are feelin' no pain, hehe !!! :cool:
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  12. Let the hide and seek game begin!
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  13. Okay, so like I'm new to this XP so a question/questions I have.

    Where do you find this creature in the waste perhaps? And if so all the servers in their wastes? Or just one?
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  14. They will spawn in all the wastes and wilds on each smp.

    Go well armoured.
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  15. Ohh Okay thanks!
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  16. Okie so um another question so the chickens they um look the picture up their or..? Like a normal chicken? (So confused I'm guessing they look like like the chicken up their but I just want to make sure.)
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  17. Nvm I just battled one.. So I know now :p
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  18. yeah, chickens on fire... good luck fighting them.
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  19. Yeah, and since it was night all the monsters kept attacking me so I had to like run then eat then attack and repeat it cause I would keep getting really low health.
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