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  1. I love you all, you are the best. You guys are the most welcoming community I could ever find. I wake up everyday smiling because I know I am such a big part of this amazing community, Damn... :confused: I'm a distinguished member. I am so lucky to have you all, I don't think I could ever find a place better than this. It suits me perfectly. Now ima attempt to thank all the people who need extra, don't be offended if I forget you *gulp* here we go

    The best friend/girlfriend ever. We've had so much fun and laughter you wouldn't believe. I could write a whole essay here but a private convo would reduce spam :D

    You earned that gold voucher. You've been by my side for as long as I remember. We've built the world :p Oh yea, and your that guy who walks behind me cleaning up my mess ;)

    Owns the best outpost ever and took me into her own little family there. Has also done countless favours for me

    Friends from the start, struggled through and became rich and popular

    Learnt a ton from his {money wise} and love looking round his museum


    I always use his shop and he is super friendly, his shop is my life support system :p

    Always have a laugh with kel

    Got me a good grade in German thanks to his proofread, always being helpful and helping me maintain the public smp5 iron farm

    Always a good guy to talk to no matter what the situation, love reading his stories and attempting to read his wall of texts :D

    We joined within the same 24 hours and have had numerous joint anniversary parties. A useful shop too

    A kind caring person who loves to help everyone

    Always uploading useful stuff on his youtube

    Posted the first chat message when I joined

    Cool guy to talk to >.<

    Richest and coolest guy on smp5

    Cool person to mess around with

    Super duper helpful

    Insane builder


    For fulfilling all necessary 256 doses of stone slabs a day
  2. You say WE are the best, but I think you fit into that category quite nicely too :)

    So thank YOU too :p
  3. So much what weeh said above. You're also a very awesome player in my opinion (and no, I'm not saying that because someone tried to start a trend; I don't follow those). You're the first player who came to GRIP for help because your Frontier build was griefed. We looked it over and supplied you with plenty of materials.

    And what did you do? You donated obsidian in return. That gives me a very good impression on what kind of player you are :cool:

    I think it's really cool to see so many names up there which are also quite familiar to me.

    And welcome to the distinguished club!
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  4. Offended. :p

    We love you too.
    By 'love' I mean tolerate. :p
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  5. Fixed :p
  6. Nice!
  7. tyty:p stay on SMP5 pls and dont come to SMP8 ;)

    thank you too for being a good mate
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  8. Should probably bump it in case some people didn't see it :p

  9. I agree,my love is a pretty cool dude
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  10. W00t, getting credit is that best. Thanks bro, you're great too.
    And thank you :D
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  11. Thank you <3 You made me cry, so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to get ya back xD
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  12. I'm glad I could teach you about some things and help you out :) I'm also glad you like looking around my museum! If you ever have questions then people are always free to ask me!
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  13. You're welcome.
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