Thanks Krysyy for starting the Tee Buying

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  1. Krysyy linked this really awesome Tee shirt site to us last night called TeeFury. Man there are so many nice shirts there! Really high quality design.

    So I picked me up 2 new shirts.

    1) One or a Zero (FSOCIETY)
    From the new show Mr Robot. FSOCIETY is a play on the real world "anonymous". The shirt very geeky, and the idea behind FSOCIETY is something I'm sure many could get behind.

    There is another here but this is too "Anonymous" like, and wouldn't want to give people the impression it's an anonymous shirt or that I affiliate with the anonymous idea.

    2) Shadow of the Dalek
    Yes, I am a who fan. I'm just not at Krysyy's level of "obsession" :p But I absolutely love the show. I thought this Dalek looked so badass I couldn't resist this shirt.


    So, what cool shirts have you found and now want/buying?
  2. First

    I was so disappointed, thought they were EMC shirts.
  3. Wait... fsociety like the TV show? P I like that one. Might look into this..
  4. I said it in the post... Yes, Mr Robot.
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  5. Soon maybe.
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  6. Hehe as a big Doctor who fan I very much like the dalek
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  7. Eh... is this a new way of advertising?
  8. Hey if they want to refund my payment then yeah ill advertise them like this in exchange for shirts :p
  9. Hmm... EMC shirts would be cool... :rolleyes:
  10. Haha, this shirt site is the reason I have so many Doctor Who shirts. An artist on there made these amazing Doctor Who/Disney Princess crossovers and at the time of the 50th anniversary, they had Doctor Who designs every other day. Moose's friend Clegg told me about them a few years ago. Their women's shirts are insanely comfortable and in Texas, it's important to not feel like you are suffocating in the material.

    Every day they have a new design showcased in their daily section. Daily shirts go for $11 while the gallery shirts (popular ones from the daily section) go for $20. The absolute best thing though are their grab bags. At the emd of every month, they have a monthly grab bag where they take all the designs from the daily section throughout that month and sort them by size/gender. You send them your gender and size and they randomly select however many shirts you want. Here's where the kicker comes in: each shirt in the grab bag is only $6!!!! So if you don't mind having some random designs every now and then and want some cheap and comfy t-shirts (or ladies, you want a t-shirt that actually shows some curves), then go to =P


    EDIT: Oh and I have a long torso and these ladies shirts I don't have to worry about riding up.
  11. She got me hooked on it last night, we should make this thread into a "Show Your Finds" thread, where you link the designs you like. If not I'll do it myself.
  12. Hey krysyy ever tried shirt woot? They have a decent amount of Doctor who shirts
  13. k then

    Seems cool. I am visiting the website right now.
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  15. How much money did you get from advertising TeeFury? jk :p
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  16. IIRC, EMC/Aikar can't make shirts for EMC because of the "Minecraft" part. It's still owned by Mojang either way.
  17. Have you ever considered using tee spring to make EMC tee shirts to sell?
    Edit: Should have read the post above first.