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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Crazy1080, Oct 22, 2012.

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  2. Just bought it.
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  3. :3

    that is all
  4. You will definitely need the wiki up; Terraria has a very steep learning curve.
  5. also.. i will probably youtube this.. because it is fun :D
  6. Those words... They hurt too much :(

    Oh my.
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  7. if you guys want to be all famous and on youtube and stuff :3.. show up :D
  8. All my what? Server crash.
  9. Minecraft.net is down, but login and sessions aren't down.
  10. still a little fun :3
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  11. I have to install it again, and it's 2:54 in the morning, TBH can't be bothered getting it again ATM.

    I'm so tired i'm actually using text language...unusual for me...
  12. How do you chat in mulitiplayer Terraria?
  13. Press Enter and then just type.

    I wish I had a copy to join you guys. Played it at a friend's and watched youtube vids.
  14. I'll be back...
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  15. Have the game. Can't get on ATM. Are you going to leave the server up afterwards?
  16. its not a permanent thing.. just a for now fun thing :p... just to have a little break playing time from the MC
  17. You should make it a permanent thing.
  18. haha.. i unno.. :p
  19. We made ...some... progress today. Server may be used tomorrow. Maybe not.
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  20. I hate that right as soon as I got on I had to go buy groceries :mad:
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