Temporarily leaving EMC :(

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  1. Dear community,
    I am temporarily leaving EMC for a month (or rather 29 days so I don’t go derelict :)).

    My views and attitudes towards EMC have changed recently, in a way I dislike. I have been rude to some and doubtful of all, especially staff. I am finding less fun and more stress and anger from EMC. This is NOT how I want to act on EMC, and also not what I want in return. :(

    I am taking this break to ‘repair’ my attitude. When I come back, I will try to amend myself and my errors. I will be kinder, more considerate and definitely more respectful. I also hope to regain my optimistic views of the community and moderation, and EMC’s future. Hopefully, if I achieve all this, I will regain my satisfaction from EMC. I will also refrain from commenting on debates and controversial threads to prevent arguments, which would have caused stress for me, and likely the other person.

    When I return I will try to be a good and kind citizen of Empire Minecraft. :D

    I will also have a new project to start, a build that will hopefully help others in my situation.
    During my time away, I will be designing a 4-6 res project that will be fun for all. This will hopefully make EMC more fun for others, and prevent others from going astray as I have by providing an alternative to forum negativity.

    I will provide more details as the leave goes on. ;)

    Also, during my leave I hope to be banned. This is to prevent myself from coming online, making it a total ‘purge’ of my attitude, I guess.

    I will be active on the forums, just less.

    Thanks all, and see you all soon online. :)
  2. The word purge isn't a good one to use since you won't be permbaned. But I wish you luck on your endeavor and have enacted the ban you requested in our pm.
  3. Good luck, I hope you will feel a better person after your break! :) Sometimes taking a (little) break is indeed the best thing to do, I also had a large period during which I rarely played, and when I then came back (last mid-December) everything felt much nicer. :)

    Also, just so you know, don't forget to vote, as your main account has not been online in a few days, making its 30 day derelict timer end before your break is over ;)
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  4. I can argee that having a break is sometimes the best thing to do
    Good luck :)
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  5. Well as long as you come back. Heal well totostyle!
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  6. Here's one secret that can lead to a more positive outlook.

    Let's say something happens, or a person does something, and you don't really know why. It's natural to "tell a story" in your mind about why. People do this all the time and it's normal.

    So what happens if the stories in your mind portray the person as being evil, immoral or ignorant? It really starts to taint your view of the world and the people around you. In reality people rarely do things with evil intent. They're selfish sure, and self centered, but people are usually doing things they think are good!

    So lesson one here is to be more open to changing your view. When a person does something that seems unjust, it's a sign that you have an incomplete story. Look for more evidence and ask questions before settling on a conclusion!

    Lesson two is that as the stories you imagine become more honest, you'll start to see the world in a more positive light.

    Good luck. I think you're doing the right thing.
  7. Come back soon, we will miss you Toto! We'll keep Fe(II) up and running in your absence <3
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  8. I hope you feel better sometimes you just need to step away for a while.
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  9. Good to have a break sometimes. I'm kinda on a break myself. Lets you reset and come back without getting burned out.
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  10. I just saw u 5 min ago I thought u were leaving have u decided not to? I hope so :)
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  12. First project update!

    The project will take six residences on SMP8.
    It will consist of three main parts:
    • The village:
      • Roughly over three residences, including hills and woods.
    • The mountain:
      • Houses the temple
      • Roughly three residences.
    • The mazes
      • Under the residences, expected to be one.
      • Multiple floors.
      • Takes up the whole res size (60 by 60).
    The plan is being made with World Edit, and recreated with schematica.

    More updates will be coming soon!
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  13. this would be cool on smp2 but how u getting the people?
  14. Hope you feel better after your leave of absence Iv taken a few myself its hard good luck my friend can't wait to get to know you more Wonce you get back
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  15. I'm not sure what you mean.
    If you are referring to how I will obtain the residences, I will get four on Chocolatatoes and two on this account. This will require two diamond vouchers, which I will obtain when I get back.
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  16. "I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it." I think you're a good guy. When you get back I will have that chestplate for you. smp5
  17. I shall miss you. Hope you have a nice break! And your project sounds cool! :)
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  18. The first house in the village.
    Welcome to the bakery!
    It will be stocked with special heads that look like loaves of bread, as well as selling edible bread :)