Tales Of Eternia By Aikar

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  1. Eternia the book:

    Page 4 removed due to keeping the place a secret.
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  2. Well, this place is not very special and secret anymore D:
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  3. Not very nice posting this
  4. Blame my temptation.
  5. Well if you're posting it here the book isnt secret anymore ;-;
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  6. I promised never to divulge the secrets within that tome.. :oops:
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  7. WOW thanks bud....:oops:
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  8. This book would look lovely in my little book museum :p
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  9. I can just start a book and not finish it D: Bleh, the suspence!
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  11. My reaction exactly
  12. I know the secret, as I have read the whole book.
  13. Btw, the book was never a secret.
  14. No yur reactshun waz 'suspence' not 'suspense' im arrestung u on suspishun of lys, miss playtehminecraft.
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  15. Imma say da secret now. I've tried, and it didn't work for me, but it is "/v eternia"
  16. Shhhhh, I'm Aussie, and I'm allowed to make grammar mistakes and such cuz a dingo ate my baby
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  17. Take this down. Why do you have to be such a kill joy
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  18. To cause drama, why else?
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  19. I know, but that book is special, it's like getting the secret to eternal life and just telling everyone xD
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