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  1. EMC Community, this might be my last thread on the forums. Following some real life issues, exams and loss of family, Im going to take a break from EMC or quit. If I forget about EMC, then I won't return most likely so Im saying my goodbyes in advance if I don't return. If I do return, then that's good for me I guess.

    Heres a list of players that motivated me to stay here.
    Olaf_C - Good friend to talk to in general, always encouraged me when I was down.
    Uber_Corq - One of the main players that got me to stay on EMC as long as I have.
    samsimx - All Hail Samsimx
    SoulPunisher - We had good debates that I always lost, very good knowledge!
    BlinkyBinky - Good friend, we had good moments and awkward moments.
    Salmatic - Stole Blinky from me :p good friend though!
    Krysyy - Honestly really motivated me to be more mature, when my family started falling I looked here as my family and she really led me on that moral.
    Chin - Other than Breaking the forums ( #ChinBrokeItBigTime ) got me into UHC and help good events!
    highlancer - I considered him a good friend, motivated me to apply for staff ( didn't work out as you can see ) but I thank him for always being there for me.
    Keliris - We became good friends a while ago, had good talks
    Zion - We are still friends, and it does hurt me that Im having to leave him. Donald Trump for the win! :p
    All staff - keeping server together even when drama arose, if a player starts tearing you down; don't listen unless it's obvious. You guys are amazing and aways will be, thank you so much.
    Sky - Stone Slabs are amazing, wished I could've gotten to know you better!
    EMC Community- Got me through the server and I learned a lot about it through y'all, you make EMC great. Thank you and keep donating so we can keep the Empire alive!

    That's all....

    And until the next, goodbye.
    If you want some of my rupees ( 200k ) I'll give it to you, I don't care.
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  2. good luck, see you around :)
  3. <3

    I'd love every stone slab and stone you have, so nothing is wasted.
  4. Good luck in the future ww2fan168. =] . Stay Safe =P
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  5. Best of luck =)
  6. Good luck and I hope things work out well for you :)
  7. Never leave the forums, always make sure to check back in every 3 months or so if you truly do leave for a long period of time. Figure things out and enjoy yourself even if things aren't working out right now. We will miss you!
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  8. I never got to meet you, but I hope you have a great time away from EMC. It's always sad to see someone leave but I see you have some IRL things. I hope you have a great time and have a very successful time. If you get back to EMC ever, I would like to get to know you.
  9. Goodbye man! You will be missed!
  10. I really don't want you to go, but if you have to you have to. And for me I must do the same at some point, for it will happen, and I might forgot all the people derelict or not, but I will always remember the great times on EMC, but that will not happen now. Nor tomorrow or the day after that, but some point in the future my Minecraft days will be over
  11. Goodbye! You will be missed and hopefully you find an opportunity to come back and visit :)
  12. Can I have some rupees? I need them to help pay to graphics artist for my game :)
    Best of luck to your future!
  13. All 200k has been given for a good cause.
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  14. Good luck in your future endeavors! Hope you make a return some day. <3 :)
  15. Please come to 9445 for a chance to get all my promos. Special people received them,

    My "last" words will be said there right now. Please come, all members on list please come for your items and everyone else as I will give 100k away there as well, ask me for them you are automatically out.
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  16. Goodbye then. (Tips helmet down)
  17. Bye! :( Sad you are leaving! All of the veterans that endured all the way through EMC from the 60K days that leave make me sad. Bye... may we meet again... goodbye...
  18. Who got it?
  19. December 12, 2015. 10:32 PM EST is the last time you'll see me in a long while.

    Love you all, and I am crying right now but I feel like I have many things to fix before I come back.

    See you soon I pray.
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  20. You are new... I didn't realize that. I thought you were older though. Still, I am sad at active members leaving due to IRL stuff... :(