[Survey] What kept you on EMC?

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  1. Hey all! I was noticing that a lot of players log in once and leave forever. I'm hoping to figure out what kept the current players online.

    What kept you playing, when you first logged in? Why did you feel a need to come back to EMC and not move to another server?

    Get as detailed as you want, or send me a one word response, any information would help.

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  2. Don't know why I stayed, the server and players are awesome. Probably why I stayed:)

    EDIT: Awesome old NetherSpleef:p
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  3. PvP arenas and events
  4. I have a few close friends that keep me on Mumble and occasionally ask me to log on ingame. I find nothing about EMC even remotely enjoyable anymore except for maybe a few events which I could live without.

    I honestly couldn't care less if I didn't log into EMC again.
  5. What kept me here was the no greifing and no pvp. I can build whatever I want and not worry about it getting destroyed or losing all my stuff every time I see someone because they have better armor.
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  6. I uh honestly do not remember. After so many days you forget(at least in my case). I don't think I hit it off that well with the community, but I believe I made one friend who got me to stay, and that one friend expanded into many friends.
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  7. I told you you were free to go if I ever left the door open :D
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  8. It's just that I hate pvp, greifing, and all that faction stuff, I just want a survival server where I could build anything I want without worrying about hackers, greifers, and maybe make a few friends, and EMC fits all of that.
  9. I keep around trying to be competitive, use my creativity, and talk with others.

    This server as I said before has the best living community out there and the most exotic mc experience that has left a mark on me since 2012.
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  10. It was Minecraft. I liked playing Minecraft.
  11. I joined with 2 IrL friends so we kept eachother active.
  12. (Back in my day) What kept me here was the ability to play on a plot that was clearly outlined. The town organization was just something I couldn't find anywhere else. Moose loved that there was the ability to buy/sell without having to donate (a rarity evidently) and both of us enjoyed overall the fair treatment of players regardless of rank. I make it a priority of mine to continue that ideal.
  13. I didn't originally stay on here long I logged on a few times when I was with Totostyle (IRL) Toto kept on telling me about events and stuff (really, he wanted my promos LOL!;)) but I thought this is acctually fun and I just kept on logging on going on more often until I got some good stuff (losing most of it quiet often >.<) now I spend most of my free time on EMC!
  14. When I first joined, people were friendly (That isn't the case so much anymore). So, that's what kept me in the beginning. Now, I mostly log in to keep my promo res from going derelict, to help my son, or to mine when I'm bored.
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  15. I think that the awesome community kept me playing EMC, and the friends that i talk to is the main reason why i am still playing EMC.
  16. I stayed because of how organized and calm this server is. Town chat isn't always being spammed with inappropriate things as I have seen on other plot/survival servers. The staff help this server stay calm and are very well picked. This server is also one of the only bigger servers were you can actually know people in Minecraft. Other servers are just filled with spam and unclear people that you cant actually get to know anyone. The rupee/currency basing on Empire is also extremely well balanced. Other servers seem to be that you run out and it is unclear how to get more without buying it using irl money. Also I am the President of SMP9 serving my first term until re-election in 2020 so why wouldn't I stay.
  17. Ok, so it seems that you all stayed because of a combination of the EMC features and the players, be it IRL friends or people you met in game.

    Follow up question: How do you think we can change the existing system of greeting people (the message that lets us know when someone finishes the tutorial) to be more inclusive? Does it need to be changed? Or do we need to communicate to players that greeting and helping new players is the key to growth on the Empire?
  18. To meet old friends.

    and become a billionaire.
  19. The people. And Death_Shark. Na I'm just kidding Death_Shark's pretty cool.
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