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  1. I would like to talk about the different supporter levels and the differences between them. I think there should be more of a difference between the diamond and gold level. I am currently a diamond supporter. I became a diamond supporter when diamond was the only level that was allowed on utopia wild and could claim a utopia lot. Then the decision was made by EMC to allow gold to do this as well. Now, I completely understand the logic behind this. I have seen the number of gold supporters increase significantly since this decision was made.

    There are other perks to having diamond vs gold such as being able to own 3 lots instead of 2. Also, being able to use tnt and of course getting 1300 ruppees vs 700 per day. I am grateful for these perks, don't get me wrong. But I pay twice as much as a gold member. I just don't feel like I have twice the perks. I hope that the powers that be read this and consider some other perks that could be given to diamond supporters. I am opening this up to all who might have other ideas as to how EMC can make its diamond supporters feel like its worth the extra $$.

    Just to be clear, I am very happy with EMC and will continue to be a supporter. However, I can't help but wonder why I am continuing to pay twice what other ppl pay for the differences that I am receiving.
  2. I Know im not a diamond supporter but...
    I Would like to add that maybe as a diamond supporter that they could maybe make protecting a locked chest cheaper than it currently is, and possibly making accessing your vault in every server completely free.
    This would not make it much of a difference between gold and diamond supporter, it might be a good start
  3. Well...

    Gold gets 1 extra residence.
    Diamond gets 2 extra residences. (That's 2x the amount gold gets.)

    Gold gets 600 extra rupees.
    Diamond gets 1200 extra rupees.
    (There is a pattern here.)

    But WAIT
    Gold gets 2 benefits over Iron.
    Diamond only gets 3 benefits? That can't be right...
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  4. Please note, that all the supporter levels are subject to change as we add more features. I'm sure we'll never be at a time where all people think it's 'even' from one to the next, but we will always keep it as spread out and even as we can. :)
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  5. What Jeremy said ^ Was just about to say that then he posted it XD
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  6. Hmmm...
    I think this calls for a Supporter Only Enchantment Shop?
  7. Diamond supporter only*
  8. I can't even view the thread, 'cause I'm totally not a Moderator anymore. :p
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  9. ?
  10. mm well im no longer a supporter, nor a "well know member" crazy... i feel your pain
  11. That's an interesting way to look at it, I hadn't thought of it like that. So, you could be diamond and have an extra free account and be the same as two gold accounts. Except that 2 gold accounts would get 2 utopia lots, and two normal lots where as diamond would get 1 utopia lot and 3 normal lots.

    I think most people go to the supporter page and see gold gets 700 r a day, diamond gets 1300 r a day, and do their math on what they see there, not taking into account that what they would get as a free player isn't part of the "perks".
  12. I think it would be neat if Diamond could have two utopia lots (or maybe something else that's cool..) to make it actually "worth it"
  13. 2 gold accounts = more perks than 1 diamond, adding the utopia benefits (wilderness) and the well known grinders
  14. After diamond on both my accounts, I am going gold on both :D
  15. now tell me the supporter levels are even....
  16. the supporter levels are even.
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  17. !!?? What happen to crazy?? :confused:
  18. Thanks, just dont lie next time :)

    Diamond : Gold : 2x Gold

    1300r 700r 1400r
    1 Utopia Plot 1 Utopia Plot 2 Utopia Plots
    1 access to Utopia Wild 1 access to Utopia Wild 2 access to Utopia Wild
    total of 3 residences 2 residences total 4 residences total
    1x XP on Utopia Grinders 1x XP on utopia Grinders 2x XP on Utopia Grinders

    $ 20 $10 $20

    so... for $20... who gets more.. A diamond supporter or 2x Gold Supporters?

    THATS NOT EVEN... if universal MATH has not changed since i studied it =)

    DAMIT... the "table didnt work" will post a new one hold on
  19. but you're including what you get as a free player, by definition that's not a perk. and i don't think you should include xp grinder access. you can build an xp grinder anywhere. and the only public one i know of is geekazoids one near the spawn point, and no offence, but it's not really that good for grinding xp.