[Support] How to Install Forge/Shaders/Etc.

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have had several people come to me asking how to install mods, so i though i will make a quick thread for how to install it. Also if anyone needs help, they can also post here.

    Why should I Install Forge/Shaders/Etc?:

    You need Forge as it is the Required Mod Support for several mods that Minecraft uses.

    This is a Text and Screen Tutorial.

    How to Install Minecraft Forge:

    Minecraft 1.8 Tutorial

    Files Needed.

    1) Once you have the file downloaed, You will want to start a New Clean version of Minecraft 1.8 (Can not be any other updated Version).

    2) The Program will install by itself.

    3) To make sure it has Installed, you will want to click "Edit Profile" and then under Versions, click the Forge.

    4) After that, you will want to save and load up the game, and load a world. (If it loads up, Continue to one of the next steps, [If not, Check Support or Comment below])


    How to Install Minecraft Forge Shaders:

    Minecraft 1.8 Tutorial, I will be using the Shaders I have been taking my Screens with, that can be see here, or here.

    Files Needed.

    1) Once you have downloaded Both, you will want to navigate to your Minecraft Folder.

    Navigate to your search Bar and type Run.

    Click on run and type "%AppData%"

    Click Okay and Navigate to your .Minecraft folder

    From there, you will have to look for a folder called "Mods" (If there is not one, Make one).

    Once you are in there, you will want to Place the "Lunatrius Core 1.8" in the folder.

    After You have placed it in there, Start Minecraft and load it.
    Once you have it open and running (Main Menu) close it and move to the Next Step.

    You will want to go back to you .Minecraft and look for the folder

    You will want to go and place your shader in there.
    For a List of Shaders Visit here.


    Once the mod is properly installed, there are a few things you can do to ensure maximum performance.

    -Run the game in a smaller resolution in full-screen
    -Lower your render distance
    -When OptiFine is installed, try toggling "Options > Video Settings > Performance > Smooth FPS:". "ON" gives more responsive input and more steady fps, but likely lower maximum FPS.

    How to Install Minecraft Forge Mods:

    Minecraft 1.8 Tutorial, if you are looking to install Mods. Please Keep in mind to visit here to see if the mod is allowed on EMC.

    When using Forge mods, you have to download the forge version and place the file in your Mod file.


    If you want to make a Video, Please do so, and i will add it as well.

    If you need any help, Please post below.

    I Can also show how to install other items, if you need.

    My other Support Thread
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  2. Here is a List of Some of the Shaders you can use and the thread's

    - Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders -- for NVIDIA GTX or AMD RADEON -- not compatible with Intel HD graphics -- not compatible with OS X
    topic link

    - Sildur's shaders PC/Mac,Intel compatible.
    topic link

    - Chocapic13's Shaders
    topic link

    - sensi277's yShaders -- for Intel HD Graphics
    topic link

    - MrMeep_x3's Shaders
    topic link

    - Naelego's Cel Shaders
    topic link

    - RRe36's Shaders
    topic link

    - DeDelner's CUDA Shaders
    web site link

    - bruceatsr44's Acid Shaders
    topic link

    - Beed28's Shaders
    Jelly World topic link
    Bendy Ground topic link
    The Wave topic link

    - Ziipzaap's Shader Pack
    topic link

    - robobo1221's Shaders
    topic link

    - dvv16's Shaders
    topic link

    - Stazza85 super Shaders
    topic link

    - hoo00's Shaders pack B
    topic link

    - Regi24's Waving Plants shaders
    topic link

    - MrButternuss ShaderPack | Shader 4 low Pc's
    topic link

    - DethRaid's Awesome Graphics On Nitro Shaders
    topic link

    - Edi's Shader ForALLPc's
    topic link

    - CrankerMan's TME Shaders
    topic link

    - Kadir Nck Shader (for skate702)
    topic link

    - Werrus's Shaders
    topic link

    - Knewtonwako's Life Nexus Shaders
    topic link

    - CYBOX shaderpack
    topic link

    - CrapDeShoes CloudShade Alpha
    topic link

    - AirLoocke42 Shader
    topic link

    - CaptTatsu's BSL Shaders
    topic link

    - Triliton's shaders
    topic link

    - ShadersMcOfficial's Bloominx Shaders (Chocapic13' Shaders edit)
    topic link

    - dotModded's Continuum Shaders
    topic link

    Please Check what your PC can handle before you are able to download!
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    How to Change your Graphics from one GPU to another if you have 2.

    (I have a Intel HD Graphics as well as GTX 870M 3GB Graphics)

    Coming Soon!
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  10. Sorry, There was a File Error, for the Shader Core, Fixed it.
  11. my game crashes on start up now, is it possible my graphics card doesnt run it?
  12. i have a GeForce GT 520 graphics card i believe
  13. Talked to you In Game,

    (Needed a new clean Install for those who don't know the cause)
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  14. So much help, thanks finch! :D
  15. Thanks for the info Finch. ;)
  16. Thanks for the info?
  17. Your welcome, :)