[Official Road Edit Thread] Show Off your Road Edits!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have heard several players want to see locations and screens of road edits, so i decided to make a Official thread where players can come and post information about their roads.

    Let the Thread Begin!!
  2. Here is My road edit here in front of spawn on smp6,

  3. Bonus Points: Include pictures of the poor, defeated looking Senior Staff who was subjected to the Road Edit :D
  4. My back hurts
  5. Here is a Screen of Qkazoo's res on smp2,

    Tehe, I bet your head also hurts from krysyy,

    Oh you just wait, I have 3 reses full of road edits i am getting ready.....
  6. This gives me ideas lol. I will definitely post if I ever get around to doing them.
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  7. Here are some of the Underground road edits I am working , and soon to be placed in town road.

    This one is a Double (13 Wide) road... @ 12024

    This is a Single (4 Wide) road..... @ 12845

    Hope these will give some idea's. :)
  8. Can you take a picture of my road edit between res' 2391 and 2392 with shaders? The exact middle is a two wide line of iron bars, but you can just match it to where the old road got cut off of course.
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  9. Here is some Roads I Edited a few years ago located around my build @ 12121,
    This is a 13 Wide Road,

    And this is the Corner where the fountain is on the roads..

    This is Roads by Kyzoy, and they where one of the first Road edits that they allowed the road to go underground.

    This is the 13 Wide road..

    This is the 4 wide road..

    Enjoy, More to come, and hope others upload as well. :)
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  10. Here are some Road Edits I made for my mall, This was a 4 wide road...

    This is Located @ 12345, although there is no move, but if you go to 12274, you will spawn facing the build and can walk over to the roads.
  11. Finch has spent more on road edits then I have on all my builds combined
  12. I have spent just about 1.3 mill on road edits so far.
  13. Here is a Road edit located @ 2391 on smp1.
    This road is a 4 wide Road..

  14. Here is a New Collection of Town Road Edits around 3664 on smp2

    This is a 4 wide road.

    And this is the 13 wide Road..

  15. ummm wow, nice roads edits... what shader is that?
  16. SEUS 10.2 Preview,
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  17. Looks amazing! What texture pack is that?
  18. aww man, I can't see most of the pictures :( They're just black squares to me (vision issues). I'd love to check these out sometime, thank you for putting the locations on them! Great idea for a thread too :)
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