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  1. As some people might know (once they've stopped looking at all the biomes :p), once of the new features added in was /summon feature.
    This allows you to summon pretty much any entity into the game.
    You can also assign custom data to them as well.
    So I thought we could take the time to share what we've managed to spawn in as well as share some tips. :)

    I'll start with this, (with some inspiration from EMC :))
    /summon EntityHorse ~0 ~0 ~0 {Type:4,CustomNameVisible:1,CustomName:"Aikar's Steed"}
  2. 2013-09-06_18.52.05.png
    /summon Giant ~0 ~0 ~0 {CustomNameVisible:1,CustomName:"Momentus"}
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  3. I think I might have some fun with this...
    I wonder if there are any hidden mobs in vanilla other then giants.
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  4. lol, nice they added the custom flags, maybe we can piggyback some of it for our /spawnmob
  5. dunno about 1.7, but before that, there are not
  6. There used to be MONSTER, does that count?
  7. Kind of.
  8. I am stuck at the moment with getting a skeleton to spawn with a diamond sword.
    This is what I have so far, if anyone wants to input
    /summon Skeleton ~0 ~0 ~0 {Equipment:{Count:1,Damage:"0",id:276}}
  9. Try Count:2 instead.A bit random,as I'm on an iPad,but it might make a difference.
  10. Reddit, I love you :)
    /summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {Equipment:[{id:276},{id:298},{id:311},{id:298},{id:298}]}
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  11. If you were switched to survival with this in front of you would you love it?
  12. problem is, they wont use a sword :p only wither skeletons know how to use a sword, normal skeletons get the Bow AI.
  13. hmmm :rolleyes:
    hard to show in an image, but they do :)
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  14. Somebody wants to party! Look at that skele dance! Can you summon a spider jockey, or perhaps some mob riding on a horse or even some other spider or hostile? Also, can you summon mobs with different blocks on their heads as helmets?
  15. Yes to all that :)
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  16. Dis Looks Interesting...
  17. Do a pic of a skeleton in full leather armor (dyed blue if possible. Oh, and enchanted) holding an enchanted bow and sitting on a bat! Then name it... Um... Merliz. :) I want to practice this stuff, it looks amazing! Try spawning an Enderdragon as well.
  18. How Do I get this? Its not working for me. Do I need 1.7? 1.7 never came out......
  19. It's the current snapshot 13w36b
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  20. Would command blocks be able to use this? (Sorry if this is a silly question, I have no knowledge of coding lol)