Summer 2016

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What do you think about summer?

It will be AWESOME!!! 17 vote(s) 81.0%
Meh. 4 vote(s) 19.0%
  1. School is almost out. :D That time of year has come again. Summer. :) Share what you will be doing this summer. It can be anything like hiking, or surfing, or playing emc, or taking sleeping pills? ;)
    The things I'm doing this summer-
    -Visiting my aunt in CA
    -Performing at a Family Reunion
    -Taking a Coding Camp
    -Playing emc. woo (And working on his event.. you guys will soon find out ;))
    -Going to National Parks with my favorite cousins
    -Watching my younger brother's sports events
    -Watching movies :D

    This one is going to be so fun. What are you guys doing this summer/winter? :D
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  2. Ill be working as usual (and trying to avoid crazy school kids lol)!
    But sadly for us over here; its winter and no holidays yet.
    Hope u have a great time with yours though!
  3. School is almost out? In a few months, you mean? :confused:
    Anyway, I'll probably game a lot, and start doing more work for my YouTube channel again.
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  4. - Some Summer program I need to do for college
    - Disney World

    That's all...
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  5. 3 weeks and 3 days...
    I have:
    3 days this week
    Next week
    4 day week (memorial day)
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  6. I finished school last Wednesday on the 11th. I don't know what I'm doing this summer. I'll improvise. :D
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  7. Math finals, 5 page essay, and some giant marine biology assessment due all the last week of school >_<
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  8. *points fingers and starts laughing* :p We end next week.
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  9. Im out in 2weeks !!!!
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  10. Well, I'm happy we don't, because else I'd need to finish a lot of stuff in a week :p
    How long is your summer vacation? If you also start school again a few months earlier than I do, I definitely don't mind ;)
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  11. lol. Sadly, we start early. ;)
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  12. Im going to play EMC all summer and maybe volunteer some... actually hopefully volunteer some.

    I am going to avoid the outdoors as much as possible (I like outside in most places, but when your summers are 100+ degrees with like a 1million humidity, and like NO bodies of water nearby, you would not wanna be outdoors either.)
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  13. I finish Friday. I have finals today and tomorrow.
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  14. I finish Monday the 20th (June). Finals end the Friday before that so there is no reason to come to school that day lol.
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  15. I have been finished since the May 13th.

    There is other High School Senior stuff I got to do but I should be getting on a lot more again.
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  16. You guys are lucky here in Canada all schools get out in 5 weeks... Well High and Grade schools at least.
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  17. An awards day tomorrow, exam day 1 on Friday, exam day 2 on Monday, exam day 3 on Tuesday, and then a half day next Wednesday to finish things up and get final grades submitted. Soooo not that much longer :)

    Over the summer I plan to get my first actual job (blah, I know) and hopefully my learners permit to drive begin driving. It should be an interesting summer
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  18. Who plans your scedule... that is such a dumb way to do things... Why not have exam day 1 monday then go through wednesday. You dont make tests on Monday anyways every teacher knows that >.>

    I have exams Wednesday-Friday next week. Dont have to deal witha dumb Monday test. Thats dumb. /rant
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  19. bloddy sleep
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