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  1. It seems that EMC has a lot of keen amateur and professional programmers and I thought that since we have forums for writing and photography and such, why can't we have a forum for programming so people can talk about programming or ask for help or whatever?

    I don't know which category it would fit under, probably just the Empire Extras one :p

    Does anyone else think this is a good idea, or just me? :p
  2. Maybe, but it would only make sense to have subsections for each major language.
  3. Not really, there's a huge number of languages that people would then want a subsection for. There isn't a writing subsection for each genre of writing, so why would there need to be one for each language? :p
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  4. Yes, I would suggest it be placed under "Empire Creativity" or "Miscellaneous"
    Just one forum would be needed in my mind: Computer-Techy-Code-Stuff (Or we can go with you name, Programming)
  5. I like! +1 :)
  6. A forum for Tech Stuff would cover programming as well as people asking for advice repairing or purchasing computers and other things I've seen like phones.
  7. +1

    I like the idea, so I'm in support as well...

    Personally I don't see the need to make this "super professional" by adding most major languages in sub-forums. Thing is; even though I think the forum is going to be used I also don't think it's going to be used that heavily either.

    I could be wrong of course but I think the majority of players here are more interested in playing, events, auctions and that kind of stuff. Not so much talk about programming. Also, no offense, but when I have a really bugging C# or Java issue then I'd take it to either MSDN / TechNet or the Oracle forums first before trying my luck here ;)

    But if things do get a little busy then you could always add a suggestion to forum usage. For example: "We suggest that you prefix your subject with the language you're using", stuff like that.

    So, then I could do something like: "[C#] Sharing my first Hello World program!"; problem solved ;)

    And who knows; this could also be a good resource for our current server programmers. For example; they're facing a weird problem, they know they're overlooking the obvious (just in case; no offense intended obviously, but I'm sure that most programmers have been there sometime) so now they can share the issue with the community. And not just that: with a community who is most likely already familiar with the things they're trying to do as well. And that could save some time explaining stuff.

    SO yeah, I think such a forum could have some serious potential.
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  8. TechnoloForum?
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  9. When you say programming are you referring to scripting ones too and web based ones? (html, php, perl, haml, etc)

    This would either be a sub-section under 'Empire Creativity' ...where you make something, then you post about it.

    or it could go near where miscellaneous and gaming go in it's own section (or in miscellaneous)


    I believe it's a bad idea to make language-specific sections

    I know most people who program in java are like 'Java only - bla bla - other languages suck - down with your language'

    ...and that gets old fast... and literally puts a downer on other programmers... when that's what you are... a programmer... you're not a dictator.

    So if we were to to do this, there would need to be a rule in place stating to not have language debates, unless the op specifically asked for suggestions. (and there needs to be a valid reason to why you suggest it, besides just the fact someone else told you it's cool)


    But, if you were to do java specific, or C#, or c++, or javascript, or pythong ... etc

    then you're also forgetting about all of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_programming_languages

    ...and that's not to mention the fact that there are so many more you can write yourself, and it doesn't event include esoteric based ones either...


    So I think it's plausible... but doing specific languages, might not be a good idea... but you could atleast have categories:
    desktop applications
    web applications
    embedded software
    (microcode too?)

    there would need to be a general discussion - about programming tools, like ides, compilers, debuggers, linkers, text editors, interpreters, ....

    Another stipulation would be, your code must not include or be intended for the usage of malice (malware)
    ex) accessing someone's network and shutting down his/her computer remotely
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  10. My thoughts are that naming it Programming Forum would be too specific. I think it should be named something that suggests inclusion of Programming along with other related topics. For example, the Writer's Forum includes any type of writing and the Artists Gallery includes any type of art.

    Technology Corner might be a good name. I think it would attract more interest by inviting discussion of topics generally related to computers as well as programming. It would also focus the of attention of people who are experienced towards threads where people are asking for advice regarding purchases, problems, or repairs.
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  11. Naming it a programming forum could be too specific. It was just what popped into my head :p It would just be to cover every general programming/scripting language and tool and whatever. I do also quite like the idea of having just a general technology forum which people can post threads about programming or whatever in.
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  12. VB.NET Forum here we come! :cool:
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  13. yeah i would say probably misc. for that atm
  14. *dislike*
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  15. Me gusta :p +Potato
  16. Why not 2 potato?
  17. Sure 2 potato
  18. Why not 3 potato?