[SUGGESTION] Zippo for 1.7

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  1. I know that EMC likes to introduce promo items for each big update, or maybe even holidays. With the next big update (1.7), the noticeable change will be to torches. This is going to frustrate quite a few people with farms, or camps out in the wilderness that have to this point been "creeper proofed". My suggestion for a possible promo item would a "Zippo" (like the lighter). This could be a flint and steel that has Unbreaking V or VI. Something that will last quite some time for all those pesky torches.

    Another possible option that I had thought of, would be similar to Labor Bench. You could name it "Flashlight" or whatever. It could consist of a Redstone lamp that is always powered, and returns to your inventory after a few seconds similar to a flashlight going on and off.

    I personally like the first idea better, but thats why they are ideas. Let me know what you think!
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  2. How are torches going to be affected? There is nothing changing about them.
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  3. I cannot find the post that I saw earlier, but it stated multiple updates in the 1.7 patch. One of them being that torches will go out after a certain amount of time, and will need to be relit or replaced.
  4. No it will not. Mojang will never do that.
  5. That was for Minecraft 2.0 I believe...
  6. that was the april fools update, rain also caused water sources to form. so no
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  7. Ah... Well don't I feel silly... *cough* Thanks for clearing that up.
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  8. Yes, it's something out of minecraft 2.0, and while many features of that version actually got(or will get)implemented, some of them were just jokes.(think of the sheep that got to fly when you fed them, and when you feed animals they get bigger and bigger, until they explodeXD)
  9. I guess I didn't see that part of it. That would have made it pretty obvious haha!
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  10. I do like the idea of an always powered redstone lamp...
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  11. *cough* Pink Wither *cough*
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  12. Maybe we should make burnt out torches an EMC only mod????? ;)
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  13. I'm pretty sure this was from the April fools episode of the MineCrack team lol
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  15. After you told me this I was looking for information on it and based on what I found I thought you were trying to play a joke on me. I was trying to let you know last night that I was onto your little joke without giving it away to L33t, but you weren't getting it. I guess that was because the joke was on you. Hardeeharhar. :p
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  16. Haha yes, it would appear I fell for my own joke. Shame really, I was quite excited about the zippo idea. Suppose I'll just have to think of a new fancy idea for a real update now huh?
  17. I like the idea of some sort of special item for the update. Since we have BiteMeNow and Bonzd's attention, maybe there is some other idea we can come up with. They are such nice and cool guys that I am sure they would support a good idea if we could come up with one.
  18. Um... Are you thinking of the April Fools prank where torches went out? In 1.7, torches are not changing at all.