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  1. My suggestion is basically a stick that when you right click, drains your xp to charge mending items with stored xp
  2. sounds like a plan to me
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  3. +1 (Side note, maybe the stick could be held in your hand when you acquire xp and can also absorb it that way as well as pull from your own xp level pool to be used later. The amount of stored xp could be limited and set by a durability bar, mayhaps)
  4. Wow, nice idea!

    I think you misinterpret the suggestion. The idea is (unless I misunderstand it) that by right clicking the stick, you will use the xp that you have on that smp, which is shown in your xp bar, to repair the tools that you have, as if you were collecting the xp at that moment.
  5. That also makes sense!
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  6. +1, great idea!

    Would we be able to load the stick with xp then give/sell it to a player that needs xp?

    It would sort of be a refillable XP bottle but with more storage. An XP Cooler.
  7. Maybe this could be a token purchase item, and could be upgraded similarly to the witch's gem
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  8. I could maybe see a item to store XP for later use or more across SMP's
    but I dont think it should mend items, the mending enchantment is already kinda overpowered Im not sure we need to make it even more overpowered rofl
  9. I think maybe there should be a time limit on it or maybe it depletes when you log off or change servers that way you just can’t store an ungodly amount of levels forever. But i love the concept it would be good for people who fight bosses on diff 10 and don’t want to carry stacks and stacks of xp bottles or that don’t want to travel or have to make a trading hall. You’d could fill it up at an xp farm and maybe it’ll only be able to carry the equivalent of 9 stacks of xp.
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  10. Again, I don't think this is what the suggestion is. I am a bit uncertain now though, because Upmostlocket liked both my post saying this and your post.
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  11. I appreciate all feedback, My original idea was not saving xp on it, but just holding right click to drain your xp and convert directly to gear with mending
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  12. Ya i was mainly providing a solution for jewel saying that it’d be too op. I would like any variation of it though it’s a great idea.
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