[SUGGESTION] What's an Empire without an Emperor/Empress?

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  1. My suggestion

    Every month a random player will be chosen, this player has exhibited great community service, has been helpful, and other good traits. They are then crowned "Emperor/Empress of the Month"


    5,000 Rupees
    Diamond Block of Royalty
    Gold Voucher
  2. I like it! Can someone be chosen twice?
  3. Hmm, if its for something else they do. Not something they did continuously they did.
  4. I like the idea, but I don't like the fact that this will give people a mindset of helping others and doing good deeds just to win the prize....

    No matter what people should help others, and be friendly to everyone on the empire from the oldest players to the newest. It's something that I have always done on the empire, and encourage others to do for kindness not for a prize of some sort. :)
  5. Then I assume you'll be turning down the award when you're given it.
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  6. *if

    This seems a bit like the Community Appreciation Awards rebranded to me :/
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  7. I feel like if this was implemented it would just turn into a popularity contest, and not an actual award for kind players. Also what SkyDragonv8 said.
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  8. I do think it would be popularity instead of good deeds. Also, There is the good Samaritan award. Is that still around?
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  9. Good Idea but there are things like this.
  10. Although the idea of an Empress/Emperor is intriguing, I don't think this is the correct way to implement it.
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  11. Think of all the famous emperors/empresses you know of, though...

    Emperor Palpatine - Seriously evil dude, he tortured his only friend slave's son and built the machine that did this:

    Emperor Wu Zetian - started out as a concubine, spent years in a "struggle to gain and maintain supreme power" - Wikipedia
    Emperor Penguin -

    You know what? I changed my mind. Emperors are pretty great.
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  12. This sounds too much like a prom queen and king thing.

    We can have emperors and empresses, but they should be based on something else that isnt already under an award category. Like uh... Being ruthlessly evil in claiming 10 res's that are all vigorously decorated to look like torture cells!

    Jk. I like the idea of an emperor and empress, but why not just wait until Empires are implemented? Then you can dub two founders Emperor and Empress =P