[Suggestion] Voting for mods

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  1. I think we should vote our mods.
    Staff can choose 2 candidates and post a poll so people can vote.

    What do You think?
  2. I think the selection of mods should remain a senior staff and administrator decision.
  3. Yes but for example if You have 2 to choose an You dont know who
  4. Hmm, I think this could be a cool idea, but how it was implemented would need to be very well thought through. Maybe, when it is time to choose a new mod, the people could nominate x amount of people, and like five or ten people would have to nominate someone for them to advance to the next round. Then, the admins would choose the top three or so, and then everyone could vote on the final winner. Instead of just a regular poll, it could be something fancy where there was like a bio for each candidate. Also, there would have to be rules prohibiting buying votes/advertising/etc.
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  5. I do not agree. The Mods know the Bans/kicks of a player, the people of EMC do not.
    They also do not know the other bans/kicks from other servers
  6. How about no…
    See, the community could pick somebody that they would favor as a mod, rather than somebody that would do a good job as a mod. Then there's bribery…(lol, rupee bribery)

    Personally, I think Justin and the Cow have done a fine job of picking mods in the past. Why do you think we would do a better job?
  7. This would not work because if one member was an active member in the community, even though they might not be as qualified for the position, they would probably get the position over the less active member in this case because nobody would know about the less active member, and therefor the person with more friends would almost automatically win. Basically all of the voting would be biased based on which one you knew better.
  8. What I am trying to say is that staff choose 2 very good candidates (never banned on any server) and put a poll. Both of them Would be trustworth
  9. I think it'll be a popularity contest.
  10. That would also be very difficult.
    I'm sure some of the mods had at least one temp. ban
  11. The staff has everything under control. The way they go about picking mods is fine. Voting would open a world of chaos.
  12. Well I admit it was a bad idea. Sorry and thanks for listening.
    Please someone close this
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  13. Post something on a mod's profile or PM them. Or just wait, I'm sure they'll see it.
  14. The Empire guide says nowhere: We the People, in order to form a more perfect union, can vote for our mods.
  15. The mods actually are / become Kalland Labs (providers) staff, so naturally the provider is going to choose his staff.
    This is not a community server (where community runs a server), but EMC is servers' community, servers' user group.

    The question is why this community has no structure, why it does not have its own moderators, why it does not elect its own representatives and judges.

    The people here that somehow believe or hope that EMC staff are "ueber" people with some universal knowledge and wisdom (relevant to EMC and on-line MC communities) and "have everything under control," have capacities and skills that by far exceed what a community could achieve in a democratic process ...
    well those people just have a wishful thinking that suits either their inferiority complex or their disrespect of the EMC community (or both) and their need for safety through an god-like or god-connected authority. This is a well known error.

    See also -> The New Republic
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  16. I tried to read this. It didn't make sense.

    I really can't tell if you're saying something good or not.
  17. No system is perfect, from what I see the staff of EMC do their best to moderate and keep things under control. The servers belong to Kalland Labs, that is Justinguy and Icecreamcow as far as I am aware, unless things have changed recently with Aikar and Maxarias. The problem with voting someone in as a moderator is, it would be more of a popularity vote, who is the nicest person etc. Problem with that is when it becomes time to make a choice like do I ban this person temp or perm who voted for the mod, how will all their friends react!! maybe something like we voted you but don't like how your doing things so we now want to vote you out.

    While I am sure there is better ways in doing the mod selection, I don't personnaly see a problem with the current system. From what I have observed, a lot of consideration, observation etc takes place. How a person treats other players on the server, do they take advantage of situations for personal gain etc.

    Its not just a case of form filling to be a mod, its a lot more then that, and as I said no system is perfect but I do think EMC has come a long way in how it deal's with player's who break the rules.

    At the end of the day, all servers have rule's where there are no rules there is ciaos, also the ppl that set up factions would be much like Kalland Labs, it would be their faction and they would want to rule/run it there way.
  18. Don't worry. It didn't make any sense to me either.
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  19. I don't think it was a bad idea, I just think there is a lot that could go wrong with it.
    1st: There's the little bit of popularity. If it were you and someone else that were chosen as candidates, I may vote for you not because you're a better choice, but because you're from SMP 3, the server I spend the most time on.
    2nd: It's not really nice to the person who isn't voted for. "Hey, you are perfect to become a moderator, but because people don't like you the position is going to someone else." There isn't really a nice way to put that.

    I think this would work itself out, but I think the way they have it set up is the best way.

  20. What part?
    That people crave for chosen leader(s) with superhuman wisdom?
    That in the past, the kings were crowned by the Pope and therefore chosen by God?
    Well, i see ... it's not easy to understand that, it's not easy for me either. :D

    EDIT: about popularity: Why did and do people choose (to play with) Justin and Jeremy? Aren't they popular - because of what they did and do and how?