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Good Idea?

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  1. The idea is pretty simple. You type /vault and it opens your vault.
    Instead of having to type [/vault 2, /vault 3, ect ect] you could just
    make it so the vault has clickable tabs. That way we can change quickly
    without all the typing. I dunno how many times I have opened the wrong
    vault looking for something. lol
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  2. This may not be possible in vanilla mc
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  3. "Clickable tabs" that you speak of would not be possible without a client side mod.

    However, we could have some sort of Chest UI system that shows the vaults you currently have, with thier names.
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  4. I just think the way we switch from vault to vault is pretty tedious. I mean I sell items from server to server so it can be a hassle. Maybe shortening the name? I mean from /vault 2 to something like /v2? Something to speed it up. I think a lot of the commands could be shortened honestly. Now keep in mind I am not a expert so I don't know what can and what can't be done.
  5. I think I remember Aikar saying he wanted to add multiple vault pages to the Empire Assistant, so just using the Chest UI.

    But if you just /vault 2 and you want to switch to look through more then up arrow, backspace just press 3 that's still a lot shorter...
  6. But you have to pay 20 rupees versus 10.
  7. Yeah I forgot about people having to pay that would cause a problem.
    I have five pages so I am used to it being free. lol
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  9. Yeah I was thinking that or make it so players with under five pages are only charged when they put something in or take something out. Not each item but when you open vault if you take one or everything out THEN you get charged. Or if you put one or more items in THEN you get charged. Just a idea. lol
  10. I'm assuming that would only apply to people with 4 or less vaults?
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  11. right
  12. Determining if player changed the vault is actually tricky.

    The vault uses a generic storage system, but i might would be able to do it.
  13. I -think- this would be much more difficult than the "once per hour" that Aikar suggested, if it's even possible at all. I don't believe there is a way of detecting when someone removes or adds an item.
  14. Yeah but you still need to encourage people to buy vouchers or extra pages. If you make it to cheap and easy those features will become almost useless.
  15. Extra pages simply mean more storage space and vault vouchers can be used to let a use go over their max number of pages, so they can still have uses.
  16. I dont think most people buy the extra pages to get free vault, more so just more storage
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  17. Yeah but honestly not many people do it for the extra storage space. I mean some do but most people are just trying to get to that five page free vault. I hardly ever use over two pages on mine. I got it for the free feature not the space. If you make the vault super cheap then no one is gonna care about getting five pages to get the vault free anymore. See what I am saying? lol
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  18. You really think so? I haven't had a single buyer wanting a page after 5. They always say there going for the free vault. Maybe thats just my exp. though...
  19. Here's how I would design it:

    Arrows = Previous/Next Page
    Chest = Vault Tabs (This person has 5 pages)
    Ender Chest = Current Tab
  20. And I'd make those names colorful!!!