[Suggestion] Vault Next Button!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I am not sure if this has been suggested, but, what if we had a button on the top of the vault page that would be a arrow, and those arrows would allow us to switch between the vault pages, and to prevent lag there could be a timer on each switch, (5 secs).

    Let me know what you think.
  2. Yes, this would be a great addition!
  3. A great addition for those who use/have extra vault pages. (I only have 1 page :p)
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  4. I know several that have 100+ and its very hard for them as they have to change the command non stop,
  5. I want it!!!!!
  6. aesthetically speaking, it may look better to have the buttons on the bottom

    since it is incremented based on double chests

    If you have the first six rows on top - and then an extra row below it, usually they're separated by an extra line.

    Too lazy to run it from my own server - but it would basically look just like the extra row below your inventory rows (your hotbar in the inventory display) ... (that's how it usually separates - in groups of 6 rows x 9 columns)
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  7. Since I have +20 vault pages, this will help... +∞
  8. This has been suggested before, but it was turned down. How would the buttons be implemented?
  9. I love this idea.
  10. +1. This is nothing short of a great idea I wanted. It is true, I have suggested a similar one before and it was rejected.
    Maybe one day. (Link to the old thread)
  11. +1 I would love to have this! I am always typing the wrong /vault
  12. I like the idea, but how would they made an arrow above the vault?
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  13. I love the idea :)

  14. Omg yes!! I love this idea!! +1
  15. +1 love this idea
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  16. You'd have to display a glitched "triple chest" to do this, and while that is possible to do, it looks really ugly, and I believe that it overlaps with your inventory too. :(
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  17. +1 I love this suggestion it would be an great addition!
  18. How would you want to do that?