[Suggestion] Vault in Wild (Empire Special Item)

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  1. So we've all seen threads on how people want to open their vault in the wild for an increased amount, say, 100 rupees. The answer we see on these threads in a 'No.' So, before you just say exactly that, which is no doubt what you are thinking, please, hear me out.

    Vault in the wild is exactly that - opening a vault in the wild. Now, this will never happen as is, so I felt maybe we could have a special vault.

    This vault will only be a single chest in capacity to prevent it from being too overpowered. And, to obtain it, you'd need to obtain it through an Empire Special item. What is this item? It is a special, rare version of the Treasure Voucher. Here's something I made in NBT Edit.

    I'll make it later. NBTedit is acting up.

    When you find one, you will need to redeem it to a Senior Staff or an Admin to type the command /vault wild. If you have a vault already named wild, this will override it.

    Your new vault will be able to be opened in town for 10r - but when you open it in the wild it will cost 100r. However, this isn't a one time thing - you must keep renewing it.

    Your vault will only be able to be opened 200 times. You will be notified how many uses you have left in chat. Every time you run out of uses, you must find another voucher to be able to open your vault.

    Uses will be able to be stacked. Say you find 2, you can use both for a total of 200 uses. If you have 57 uses left and find another, you will have 257 left.

    What do you guys think? Yes, or no? Please answer the poll and/or comment down below your thoughts and suggestions.

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  2. Why must I always forget the polls?!
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  3. Nice idea! But it's almost impossible to obtain a "voucher". Not that many players are going to be able to get it...
    You should ask the staff to add it ;)
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  4. I also like this idea. :D
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  5. Unfortunately they can't add, only edit :(
    I like this idea. The only problem I can see is having a ton of stuff in your vault then not being able to get it because you ran out of uses.
  6. That's kind of the point, to have to keep working hard and being careful to not run out of uses.
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  7. *finds giant vein of diamonds. Puts in wild vault*
    CHAT NOTICE: You have exceeded your vault limit. Redeem another rare treasure voucher to re-obtain items. This is an empire alert telling you to have a good day.
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  8. It would tell you every time. Again making you responsible for taking stock of uses.
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  9. Yep, like the current vault tells you how many rupees you have.
  10. And maybe the final five times it could ask you for a confirmation before working?
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  11. I know :p
    I was just saying its be funny if that happened.

  12. Penguin: If you want a poll, create a thread with the same name as this thread, but prefixed with [POLL] that includes the poll - and I can use that thread to add a poll to this one. :)

    (just put a - as the OP)
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  13. Ok. I'll have to wait 15 minutes, though.
  14. actually....this is not a bad idea. seems balanced enough to me i support this
  15. I like this idea but maybe different vouchers with different uses: 20, 50, 100, 150, 200.
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  16. Could we make to where you can open it in town if you run out of uses for 10r? but if out you cannot open it without the uses?
  17. Then I guess the items get sent to your vault. If you vault is full I would guess you get a temp. vault that you can only take items out of.
  18. How would you get vouchers o.o
  19. That my friend is an excellent question.
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  20. Dragon Tombs, Drop Party, or a rare mob drop I would guess.
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