[Suggestion] Use Tokens to Buy Unobtainable Blocks

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Good Idea?

Yes 11 vote(s) 42.3%
No 7 vote(s) 26.9%
Indifferent 8 vote(s) 30.8%
  1. Ever since Tokens came out I have acquired a large sum of Tokens. I have bought about a dozen of Avalaunchers both years now, and still have over 150k Tokens. I propose there be a shop where you can buy a small amount of unobtainable blocks (List below) to be on sale for a decent to large amount depending on the block you are wanting to purchase. Tell me what you think!

    End Portal Frame
    Seamless Slabs
    Bark Block
    Piston Head Top And Head Blocks
    Empty Monster Spawner
    Fire Block

  2. A cheaper option would be decorative heads. Won't be 100% like it but is an alternative.
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  3. I keep my tokens and not waste it on avalancher's. Until dragon tomb get implemented. Then i expect the go fast enough down.
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  4. Hm, bedrock doesn't seem like too good of an idea to me, for obvious reasons. (You can't break it!)
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  5. Neither Portal Frames but a right click option to be retrieved by owner whom placed can be implemented, like what they did for Dragon Eggs
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  6. I already know someone will pull, "EMC is not vanilla" counter argument.

    I think it isn't necessary to add unobtainable blocks to the system.
  7. you can already place fire with a flint&steel.

    Edit: i thought they removed the "fire" item from the game itself....
  8. Its still obtainable through /give but not creative mode menu.
  9. Really?? What is the command? I've been trying to get my lava, water and fire back to fix my custom map for months/years...
  10. /give 607 minecraft:fire (# of which you want)
    Its data # is 51 if your on 1.7.10 or lower for those whom still play that.

    Edit: 1.10 removed that. 1.9 still has it. If you're on 1.10, /give for for fire is completely removed

    The Wiki on MC says 1.8 it was removed but I can still do it on 1.9 oddly.
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  11. Well, I certainly can't :/ Can you get water and lava too, then?
  12. Perhaps only the blocks that have building purposes and they could be spawned with similar commands as they are normally but instead executing the command cost a certain token amount. Then make it like locked chests if Broken within 60 seconds you get the full token value back but pay that you only get half the token value back. And breaking it doesn't yield any blocks.
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  13. Those were removed as well. Dumb Mojang removing things they deem unnecessary
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  14. Anyway though, back on topic: I don't really have any reason to be specifically against this suggestion, I guess... but I wouldn't really like it. I mean, they are unavailable for a reason...
  15. mmhh, I like the slabs, and, I think the nether portal block needst to be some kind of unuseble, but, I think it's an +-0 from me...
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  16. Bedrock and End Portal Frames are not good ideas since they're unbreakable. I like the other blocks though.
  17. #WeNeedANewSlabGod
    Giv me dose slavz!!!!

    (and the piston crates)
  18. I'm definitely in favour of having more options to spend my tokens on. And a few special blocks seem like a nice idea to me.

    One thing though: as much as I would love to get my hands on bedrock oh so much I do think they would need to put some serious failsaves into place. For example: that you can only place it in town and not outside.
  19. Thanks for the feed back guys! I did really like
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  20. Ah, so they won't be available with rupees! I like that idea!
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