[Suggestion] Upgrade and Add More Perks for Subscribers

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Should subscriber perks be updraded and more added?

Yes 16 vote(s) 42.1%
No 22 vote(s) 57.9%
  1. Alright so hear me out before you shoot me out of the sky. Keep in mind this is constructive criticism not harmful and full of unnecessary rage. I am always looking for ways to improve the Empire. :)

    Let me start by asking you a question... What is the point of going diamond when someone already owns four residences (Including the custom residence messages), has all the vault pages one would need, doesn't need endertopia because of other farms out there that provide even faster exp gain and loot worth more in the market than ender pearls, and doesn't need the tnt? The only thing that is going for them at this point would be the extra rupees (And not needing to log in for them), flying on Utopia (If they even use a residence on Utopia), supporter chat, and stables. Same goes for the other memberships such as gold and iron. There needs to be something worth subscribing for, because once someone already has all the perks from subscribing the first time, why would they need to keep paying for things they wont use? Also if someone wanted rupees, donating to the Empire is about 300% more beneficial to than subscribing currently.

    I am aware that staff is going to eventually make it so we pay for only certain perks, but I don't think this will solve all the problems. Donating to the Empire produces WAY more rupees than subscribing does. I think subscriber bonuses need a boost in their perks and they need to have more perks. So maybe something like diamond subscribers get multiple copies of a promo item when they come out. Something along those lines. To put the rupees thing into perspective for some of you all here is the math.

    1 month of diamond rupees (30 days) is 1300r x 30 = 39000r Not too bad right? Wrong. Keep in mind this is a whole month of waiting and $20.

    $20 in donating without any bonus rupees such as the April Bonus Event is 137800r. This is immediate too. So no waiting a whole month and you get 98800r more for paying $20 in donations rather than subscribe which in my opinion outweighs every subscriber perk combined.
    With the April Bonus Event it was 179140r for $20 which is 140140r more than a whole month of diamond membership.

    So I suggest that the staff team come up with a system that is a little more balanced than the way it is now. I will post my ideas for each membership in the spoilers below in case anyone is interested in looking at them. If anyone has any more ideas please leave them below :)

    Iron Membership
    $5 per month
    1000r per day (30k-31k per month instead of 12k-12.4k)
    2 residences (Instead of 1)
    10 named residence locations (Instead of 3)
    5 max vault pages (Kept the same as before)
    10 residence tags (Instead of 5)
    5 stable slots (Instead of 2)
    Free to open stables
    2 free copies of promotional items
    Use tnt
    The rest of the perks kept the same

    Gold Membership
    $10 per month
    3000r per day (90k-93k per month instead of 21k-21.7k)
    3 residences (Instead of 2)
    20 named residence locations (Instead of 8)
    25 max vault pages (Kept the same as before)
    20 residence tags (Instead of 10)
    10 stable slots (Instead of 3)
    Free to open stables
    3 free copies of promotional items
    Use tnt
    The rest of the perks kept the same

    Diamond Membership
    $20 per month
    7000r per day (210k-217k per month instead of 39k-40.3k)
    4 residences (Kept the same)
    100 named residence locations (Kept the same)
    50 max vault pages (Kept the same)
    30 residence tags (Instead of 20)
    20 stable slots (Instead of 5)
    Free to open stables
    4 copies of promotional items
    Teleport to players in town
    The rest of the perks kept the same

    If anyone has any questions or something I stated above was unclear, please tell me in the comments below. :) These were only examples of what I think should be done. Not what I am demanding be done. I hope the perks can be upgraded because I love to support the Empire and I love to play on it, but I hate to "waste money." So I want a system where I feel like I get my moneys worth from it and I enjoy supporting the Empire. :D
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  2. Your argument seems very solid to me MrBigBux. I am on board with your idea.
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  3. I bought diamond supporter to support EMC. Your idea of having supporters getting 4 copies of promos is a great way to ruin the economy. You are essentially saying that if you pay money, you are above those who do not. EMC is fair to everyone, and that is why everyone gets the same amount of promos and that is why Diamond supporters get 1300r per day. Supporting is not just about the items and rupees. I supported for two reasons: Be able to play EMC when the servers are full and 2: support the empire.

    TNT is for diamond supporters only so that it is harder for griefers to get TNT. The reason that Diamond supporters get 1300r is so that normal members can bid on auctions and buy things from shop.

    I do not want to feel above all of the other players. I am actually going to get my name color changed to normal so that people stop treating me like a king or something. I will go along with my perks and be happy. I do not need anything more.

  4. You left out a lot of important things here. What you're describing is stuff that would only be there if you've supported before, and you're leaving out gold and iron entirely. Diamond supporters already get a ton of stuff that seems fair for $20, and you're suggesting adding more. It seems unnecessary. You also left out a lot of great perks that diamond supporters still get that are great things to have. None of the supporter ranks need any more benefits than what they already have.
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  5. I think that minus the promos and the teleporting, this might be a good way to get more rupees flowing, like Aikar wanted.
  6. Promos are already extremely expensive and supporters are the only ones who can afford to buy more. Regular members would have own a huge shop in order to get the money supporters can already. The tnt thing should be available to all subscribers. If someone wants to pay $5 to blow someone up, then they can waste their money. It will only support the Empire. Would $5 or 10 or 20 be worth blowing something up for fun? It wouldn't be for me, and it wont be for anyone else either. I did state above I am all for supporting the Empire. Several times in fact, however, I like to get my money's worth out of what I am donating to. I expect benefits for handing over my hard-earned money. Supporters are gods to non-subscribers anyway and subscribers are above non-subscribers. They actually have the money to pay EMC. There should be more incentive to subscribe and more benefits for people who are serious about making money and running the economy.

    It is great that you can be happy giving $20 to the Empire and be completely content with it, but I am in it for the perks. Also, life is not fair. The only system where everything is fair is communism and socialism which has been tried in the past and it fails miserably. EMC runs on a capitalist system and money is what makes the world go round (Or in Minecraft's case square xD ). Besides, supporting is about the perks and the rupees. If I wanted to just donate money, I would do so with the donations section of the website. Subscribing is for those who want to have more than just donating.
  7. I did not leave out gold and iron subscribers. Check again and this time read what I wrote thoroughly please. What I want changed is for all subscribers, not just to bump up the rewards for diamond subscriptions.
  8. I was going to go through your idea, until I thought of a simpler idea, but first here is what I think of your idea.

    Your little "balance" is incredibly OP for supporters, remember that non-supporters make 100r just from visiting.

    Why not just nerf the Money--->Rupee exchange?
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  9. Your saying people should get less than what they do now? That's a terrible idea in my opinion. The whole point of subscribing is to get bonuses. The perks are already very low for what its worth. Besides, subscribers should get a huge bonus. Regular members can only support the Empire by voting. Subscribers are supporting the Empire with physical money that helps the community grow and to have new things. Subscribers should be praised for their commitment to the Empire. Therefore, I think it is only fair that subscribers get a lot of nice bonuses in return for their service :)
  10. This would ruin the point of eggnogs.
  11. I am not saying that at all.

    I am saying that Aikar should nerf the buying rupees. Supporter perks are good as they are.
  12. yes to nerfing the Money--->Rupee exchange.
    yes to TNT for all supporters.

    no to more daily rupees, although, maybe regulars should get rupees every day logged in or not.
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  13. Oh, that makes a lot more sense. Sorry if I seemed hostile. Yes, nerfing the donations would fix the rupees problem to an extent. However, it would not solve the first part I mentioned in my post. Perks become obsolete once someone has max residences, max vault pages, max stables, etc. That perk is now useless. I just wanted a system where subscribing is never useless. :)

    Absolutely not. If this came into effect, promos from here on out would be in mass numbers, not ones before it. Who would use an eggnog on a current or barely past promo? No one that's who :p. So eggnog would not become worthless. Eggnog will always be the most expensive promo/lore item out there. :)
  14. EMC needs supporters, and the people that pay for it every month probably aren't in it for the perks most of the time, they do it because they wish to support EMC.

    With information I am hearing EMC is doing pretty well financially and even has extra money to go that one step further and advertise a bit better, so I don't think they are in desperate need of supporters and donators.

    I wouldn't mind a diamond+ rank of some kind where you pay a little more monthly to possibly get perks like wild vault or something beneficial to devoted players.
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  15. No, people who subscribe are in it for the perks, whether they admit to it or not. If they wanted to simply donate to the Empire, they can do so. People subscribe to get bonuses for their loyalty to the Empire. I am not saying EMC is going down the drain financially and this needs to be done to save EMC. I am saying that bumping up the perks for subscribing would make the experience of subscribing 1000% better. A wild vault for diamond supporters is a great idea btw. :)
  16. The entire basis of your proposal seems to hinge on the rupee value of supportership.
    But buying rupees alone won't net you TNT use, utopian flight, multiple residences, or /res loc uses.
    I'm not adverse to having supporter perks re-evaluated, but to claim they're insufficient based solely on the comparison between donating $20 for rupees and a $20 supportership is... faulty logic.
  17. I agree that if I had based it solely on the rupees thing it would be faulty logic. However, I did not. I am saying that donating $20 and getting 98800r more than paying $20 for a subscription and waiting to get 39k, its just so much more rupees. It is my personal opinion that getting that much more rupees immediately for the same price of waiting outweighs the benefits of all the subscriber perks by far. Which is why subscribing should give more rupees in the long run than donating and the bonuses for subscribing overall should be increased to sweeten the deal.
  18. To someone that cares about rupees, this might be a debatable point.
    To someone that does not, it is an irrelevant one. Since your argument lies on the "value" of these other perks, compared to rupees gained, what would you say these other perks are actually worth?

    People are different. This may seem like an obvious statement, but I point it out to remind you that while one person might take Diamond for TNT usage, another might want the four residences and never touch TNT. Someone else might pick Gold instead, simply for the benefits of setting a res message. Some might take Iron simply because Supportership auto-renews and they find it a convenient way to toss $5 in the tip jar each month.

    Quantifying rupee value vs "all the other perks" just doesn't work for everyone - and as I said, no amount of rupees is going to buy you the perks themselves*.

    *Yes, you can buy vouchers from others with rupees, or whatever else they prefer to trade, but the fact remains you are gaining a supportership by it, not purchasing perks directly.

    EDIT: Overlooked this.
    No. It is not.
    The whole point is to support the Empire. The "bonuses" are exactly that. These are rewards for giving your money in support of the server, not entitlements or ranks that you are purchasing. It's a semantic difference, but a crucial one.

    EDIT²: More faulty assumptions to kill.
    Voting nets you plenty of rupees on a daily basis, and the bonuses have been vastly improved. Promos themselves have become trade items at this point, and some players are able to make a hefty sum of rupees simply by investing and selling them. You also don't need a "huge shop" to make rupees - on the contrary, huge malls are difficult to maintain and generally have very little return for the effort. It's far more efficient to sell an item in high demand, like cobble/stone/stone brick, bonemeal, arrows, or some other common goods.

    There are a number of ways to make rupees, if you're actually interested in doing so. Supporting makes it easier but saying Supporters are the only ones who can make rupees is a deeply flawed assumption.

    See Point #3.
    Example: I don’t listen to country music. Therefore, country music is not popular.

    There've been multiple arguments over the TNT thing so I'll leave that one mostly alone. To assume that because you, personally do not find it fun to blow things up (and, more particularly, the creations of other players) does not mean someone else would not.
    Know what the first thing I did when someone gifted me Diamond was?
    Throw a TNT Party. And I found it loads of fun.

    No. They are not. And this statement is offensively arrogant. Supporters are simply those with the income and willingness to spend it on EMC. And I respect that decision. But it does not automatically make them better people than me.
    Anyone serious about making money and "running" the economy can do so as a non-supporter, if they're interested in doing so. See my earlier statements.

    At the end of the day you're still helping to fund the server. Your reasons don't have to be "noble," but don't expect to get much traction convincing others with that kind of attitude.

    Really? Because I can get along just fine in EMC with a zero-rupee balance. In a single day, between voting and just logging in, I could have enough rupees for a locked chest in the wild, and mining is free. So is building. And a residence in town, for that matter. Rupees are a convenience, not a necessity. Go build yourself a frontier outpost and then tell us how they "make the world go round."

    Supporting is exactly that. Supporting the server. I spelled it out in my previous edit, but it bears repeating.
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  19. My vote is to keep everything exactly as it is in regards to this particular topic. You either want to support the server or you don't.

    "like" this post if you want everything staying exactly the way it is
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  20. I like the supporter perks as they are now, I bought supporter for the perks, and I was 100% satisfied with what I got.

    I do agree we should get more rupees into the economy to allow for more accurate and near decimal pricing (and the potential of big number millionaires :p). The current everything must be in single units system gets on my nerves just as much as the imperial measurement system :p

    But Aikar is trying to move a bit away from requiring money for supporter subscriptions, and I think he wants to implement a credits system for either single perks, or supporter ranks. Before any more perks are added, there need to be more features added, as we don't want the supporter ranks to be too OP or unbalanced.
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