[suggestion] Unban everyone annual

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It needs some improvment (please reply on thread) 8 vote(s) 11.0%
Yes. 13 vote(s) 17.8%
No, i don't think it should be even considered. 52 vote(s) 71.2%
  1. So, uh. I think this could be a good thing to add, to both get more players again, who learned from their mistakes, and to give people a second chance. I personally believe in second chances, so maybe have a message to all people that were banned 'This is your second chance. Follow our rules. If you don't, you won't get this opportunity again" meaning, that if they are banned again, System knows not to unban them yearly. ;3 I have a poll for a reason on this thread. Please use it.
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  2. I've thought about this and think it might be a good idea.
    Staff would have more strain though, but the servers would get more full.
    We might have to not unban a few (copherfield, roblikescake, etc.)
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  3. People do get second chances. They start their second chance anew with their rupees purged and their res reset. Players are given a chance to appeal and i believe if mods find that they deserve a second chance, they will get their second chance.
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  4. Yea. Maybe put them on the system 'do not ever unban' list. :p
  5. It very much depends on the bad reason. Some, serious griefers especially, should not get an easy second chance. If they truly want to come back, they should have to show they learned their lesson. I don't know if anything you've ever made has been griefed, but if I knew the person who destroyed my builds could easily come back, potentially without having changed their mindset, I would be very irritated at the system that let it happen.

    In other cases, I suppose an annual unban makes sense, on pain of a permanent ban of course.
  6. 90% of perma banned player have been given a 2nd chance and blown it, this would only result in people holding a grudge a 3rd-8th chance in some cases to come back and cause some more drama.

    sorry but in my opinion this idea would a be a night mare both as a player and a mod
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  7. I believe players who are IP banned should not get a second chance, or players who have been repeat banned should not as well.
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  8. Sorry for double post >_<
    Well, what I mean by an annual unban, is for people that have been banned for a very long time, such as the ones in the graveyard. If they still haven't learned their lesson after a year, they won't be allowed back. It's sad seeing someone from over two years ago banned for something like "PURPLE SHOE CAR BALONE SANDWHICH" >_<
  9. What percent of players that you have unbanned have you had to reban?
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  11. We already do give second chances. If they can't simply appeal a ban then they are no worthy of the empire.

    Plus some of the people who get banned are from another server purely to troll
  12. I like the idea, but others are right in saying that people have been banned for a reason
    I'm sort of in the middle with this idea, some might deserve a second chance but others aren't even worth thinking about.
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  13. Judging from his post, 90%
    And enabling this would pretty much be having an Annual Purge.
  14. He means from the graveyard over a year ago.
    Not players that were banned yesterday for going her der der
    There would be players (major griefers/spammers) that would not be unbanned.
  15. So how do we find out if they've learnt their lesson? Let them back in without an appeal?
    Just for them to break the rules again?
    That's like letting a convicted murderer out of jail early and expecting him not to go and kill somebody else.
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  16. No, just no.
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  17. This post totally helps this thread...
    It goes so deep into explaining why not...
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  18. Everyone deserves a second chance, if they appeal for it.
    This is talking about players banned long ago, without any sort of an appeal.
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  19. Well, it seems like Majority of people are saying no, not even considerable, however a few of you posted here and said "If it were to be based on pain of ban" or something like that. So... I actually very confused at this point. >_< I guess you meant the first choice then? Well, in any case, even though it looks as if this idea won't be considered, I will keep trying. I believe that it is something that would show that EMC is a forgiving and fun server, but also a server that cracks down on hackers, griefers, and scammers (etc.)
  20. A bit harsh...
    There could be some sort of test, in a fake world sort of thing to see