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  1. Thought this would be a cool feature just /trade opens up a lil window with the player your trading with, put your items in and confirm.

    Please don't rip my head off if you don't like the idea :D
  2. *Rips head off*
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  3. So something like this could be modeled around Steam's trading feature? I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement but it's a nice idea. +1 from me :)
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  4. I've seen it on another server before and it was a very useful feature, it prevented a lot of scamming.

    I'm guessing if that server can do it Aikiar can do it betater!
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  5. So would you go like "/trade (username)", otherwise, how does the system know?
  6. Yeah /trade user name I thought that was obvious silly me :p
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  7. +1 better than PMing people xD
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  8. Head.....not.....ripping. Whew. +1
  9. So it would be like:
    /trade eviltoade 3 diamond
    Then a window would open up like the mail and you place the items in. Then it would be sent off to eviltoade, who would do /trade accept and 3 diamonds would be taken from his inventory and given to me and he would get whatever i put in the window?
    Also i can see a slight problem. Say if i sent someone a trade like 1 wooden axe for 1 dirt then wait a few seconds then send them 1 dirt for 11 diamonds they would not notice and type /trade accept and lose 11 diamonds. Thats enough input from me ;)
  10. The idea is ....... You do /trade eviltoade then if he wants to trade he'll do /trade accept lukafolz then it opens a window like /dispose size and it's a window that's split in half with stained glass planes, you put your items you wNt to trade in your section and click a green piece of wool to confirm if the other person agrees with the amount they put there items in and click confirm, then they both receive there items.

    I know it seems complicated but I've seen it on a different server so I thought Akikar would know how to do it :p
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  11. +[the max you can give -1]
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  12. I like the idea, but it needs a bit of refining. First of all, the player would likely have to confirm the trading window, and both players would have to confirm the trade. Second, this sounds similar to the mail system. Why not just use Mail? The idea would need a little extra something to distance itself from Mail in order to have a better application, in my opinion.
  13. +5000 I really like this, as I ask in chat who sells something and everyones like Shh, don't talk to him, so I really want this to come to pass.
  14. I'm getting flashes of playing Runescape ~7 years ago. :p

    So it would basically be a GUI like that of a chest, but split down the middle, where Steve puts his items in the left half, and Alex puts her items in the right half, and both parties click a confirmation button, at which point the items are transferred between the players' inventories?

    I remember an issue in Runescape's trading system where Steve could scam Alex by waiting for her to click "confirm", and then swapping his items for junk and hitting confirm, himself, really quickly. However, they eventually fixed that by making it so that any time there's a change in what items are in the trade, any player who has already clicked "confirm" will have to click it again. Let's learn from our history; this would have to be implemented from the start.

    Something would have to be done about target inventories not having enough space for all the items being received, too, so that's something to consider as well.
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  15. So, VERY similar to the steam trade window. Did a little model based off of what I saw and my ideas.
    Heads: Indicate which area is yours and the person you are trading with.
    Green Wool: Accept Trade (Both parties must accept)
    Red Wool: Decline Trade (This will not close the trade)
    Hopper: Empty Trade (I needed something here so it looks pretty)
    White Wool: Player's Status (White wool turns green if accept, red if decline, white if N/A)
    Black Pane: Divider
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  16. Also, it would be better instead of mailing the items.
  17. This rings of WoW
  18. +1

    I'm liking this idea..