[Suggestion] Track removal of powered rails and detector rails

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  1. Track removal of powered rails and detector rails to deter ... people with less than functional consciousness and conscience ... from taking them.
    It will make private and public railway systems like Quartz Express more secure.
  2. Im confused are you suggesting that rails should be locked and need a flag to be broken?
  3. Basically, he is suggesting that a log is made each time a person breaks the rails, so that it will be easier to track griefers. Much like how flint 'n steel, lava buckets, and a few other things are logged currently.
  4. It sounds more like to me that he wants us to go ahead and just remove all of the powered and detector rails because they cause to much trouble (I am joking))
  5. I agree with this. Maybe not normal rails (Yes I know that you only said powered and detector rails. )
    I could see how it would be a pain to lay down a bunch if rails with powered rails and than have them taken up and Stolen from you and the greifers to just gain from it.
  6. Hmm .

    I am sitting on the fence on this one as I neither agree or disagree with it as it look also personal. EMC is safe from every point of view only the wild is less safe as it you and the wild and everyone.
  7. I don't understand why they don't track them already...

  8. Hmm the best thing is to track everything and everyone or take the items away simple.
  9. I don't care about tracks, however powered tracks are more valuable and they usually are going for the valuable stuff.
  10. Why would you keep us posted? Your not a mod or staff.
  11. Hmm you are safe on your res's to build and use them and the only way I can see someone taking them would be if you gave them build and if you are in the wild well you should know better.
  12. wat.
  13. Manic has the right to expect that he can place blocks in a reasonable location outside of Town without them being taken. It's not Manic who should "know better".

    Hopefully there will be some way to incorporate railways into Wild Protections if they are ever available in our lifetime.
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  14. i agree track the tracks
  15. I really like this idea, Thumbs up! At the same time i could see how this may become an issue, the sheer number of powered rails and the warranted placing/breaking of them could be a culprit for lag.
  16. I can attest to the fact that he should feel safe- the quartz express is a good walk from the nether spawn.
  17. Laurence, you don't seem to be understanding. No, the solution is NOT to track everything or completely remove of the items. Instead to track the items that are most likely to be stolen and have evidence that the person was griefing. Rails, specifically powered, are of high value since they need gold for you to craft, and they sell for a lot too. People are much more likely to go after those and railway tunnels are constantly griefed because of the sheer volume of them in the nether. Why would they log something of basically no value such as dirt blocks? Even stone brick will probably not be stolen since there are public stone generators out there.

    You are acting like it's okay to steal and grief in the wild like it is a war zone. There aren't enough things possible to do in town that someone would never leave it to go the wild.

    - Mobs don't spawn in town
    - Snow golems can't spawn in town
    - You can't mine in town
    - You can't go on a fun adventure in town
    - You can't be part of a wilderness community in town

    The list goes on and on. Sure you can be a town dweller, and yes, there are people who are, but there are so many members that use the wild that something like what M4nic said might be needed. Why would you ever need a railway system in town on one residence anyway?

    By the way, they can log certain types of items, they don't have to do them all. They are currently already 3 items/block updates.

    On a side note, for all those planning on posting after this, let's not attack anyone for their ideas. You state what may cause problems, what's good about it, your personal opinion, and get on with it. Let's not be rude to each other.
  18. Ok, just wondering, why do they track signs?
  19. Well there are 4 "bug staff" kinda, They submit bugs to the EMC bug tracker you see...
  20. FYI: IF this is implemented. You will not be informed more than likely. Purely up to Senior Staff/Admins on that kind of stuff though. Community input is irrelevant
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