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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Decep_, Oct 24, 2015.

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  1. Rain can be nice every now and then...
    And who doesn't love a love a little snow?!

    Well if you do hate either, there's always the opportunity to have the bio-me changed to one that suffers from neither.
    Or the opposite, someone might want snow and want to swap to an icy bio-me.
    It could give some more meaning to the different bio-mes on offer.

    Rain all the time would be awful though, and I understand that without night's being skipped through the use of beds that the chance of rain starts to grow ridiculously...

    So perhaps the chance of rain could be kept artificially very low?

    Anyway, just a suggestion, that's why I put it here :)

    Decep_ - alt of deceptious
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  2. I want to say +1 when 1.9 comes. For now, people have lag issues with particles.
  3. I would have to say a -1 for this.

    Rain makes a very loud noise when it falls from the sky on MC and many players will get angry at it. Now, snow during the December month would be cool, as long as it was only at the /spawn area and maybe
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  4. If that's your only point, I have something for you:
  5. If possible, add a /ps setting for (dis)allowing weather per player, then I think this would work. Oh, and make sure snow doesn't accumulate.
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  6. Considering that we already got a day/night cycle I don't see why this shouldn't be possible. Of course I don't know the reason why there is no weather in town in the first place.

    Still; this might even "solve" another problem which some people have: unused residences. Maybe a good rain shower would actually motivate players a bit more to build a roof over their heads, thus making the residence look more used ;)

    Edit: I'd like this, so +1 :)
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  7. I think I would be ok with this if it could be enabled/disabled in /res settings.
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  8. I think if you could change the type of weather you experience on your res then that would make things better. Since we can change the biomes we should be able to change the weather. I don't think server wide weather would be good because who would plow the streets clear of snow :p
  9. It rains too much in minecraft. :rolleyes:
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  10. Rain is my arch enemy. I would like no rain, just snow. It would be cool if it would snow during irl winter. :)
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  11. This was an idea posed some months ago, but I can't find the thread. It was rejected due to lag reasons.
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  12. Was about to say that too lol
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  13. But maybe consider adding this in 1.9 :)
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  14. +1
    Would love this, especially if you didn't have to use tokens to change the weather (unlike biomes)
    But, say at Christmas, in someplaces in the world it can be boiling, while in other places it snows. So that would be a hard one to do- either snowing all the time or raining all the time or no-weather-ing all the time.
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  15. I don't see the point? It also causes lag. I was just musing earlier about why it even gets night in town but I understand there is some redstone machines that operate off that and some builds look cool in the night. I guess aesthetics is the only thing you really gain from this. Turning it on/off can be done with optifine from clientside of course this won't stop snow. Alternatively you could visit the frontier. It's much more alluring than town anyways :p
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  16. Do you know that you can adjust the volume of weather under "Music & Sounds Settings" in Minecraft's "Options" menu?
    If rain is bothering you, just turn down its volume.;)
  17. +1
    I'm not sure why many players don't rain in Minecraft, besides the graphical strain it makes (which will be reduced after 1.9).
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  18. It's probably because many players aren't part of the water cycle. :p
  19. No. That's completely untrue.
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