[suggestion] Res Flags!

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Should we add this?

yes 15 vote(s) 60.0%
no 10 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. Hey EMC,

    Have you ever wanted that build that where it is always night, or always day, or even a set time? or have you ever wanted it to be raining or snowing on the res?

    I think we should be able to set these with the following

    /res changeweather (Weather)

    Weather could range from snow, to rain to clear.

    /res changetime (Time)

    Time could range from noon, to sunset to sunrise, to night.

    I think these could make some of those big builds that are set for a set time even better, and even more with the right shadders.

    All this could be changed with 5k tokens just like the biome change.

    Let me know you opinions.
  2. I would like weather to be toggled but the time flag i do not like.
  3. But wouldn't changing the time change it for the entire SMP town? I don't quite understand this
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  4. no, these flags would only change the time and weather on the res its on. it would only change when you would walk on the res.

    I like this also,
  5. i dont think this is possible with the residence system we currently have
  6. I feel like each res having it's own weather would cause extreme lag
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  7. the time change would not be possible I think, since everyone see the same sun in town would be so hard to make your ''own'' sun but i like the weather idea +1 for that.
  8. Something like this really isn't possible. It may be possible to only have it rain on one property, but the time of day is world specific and can't be changed for a specific residence.
  9. I know that you can do it, as i have seen it on another server.
  10. Also being able to set the time for yourself specifically, overriding the residence's settings. I've seen people who lag while it's raining.

    You could send the time packet to a specific user (ID: 0x03) to set the time. There is also a change game state packet which could be used to set the rain/no rain. I believe it is impossible to set between rain/snow without changing the biome though.

    Here are links to wiki.vg which contains Minecraft's protocol details:
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  11. +1 for weather
    I'm sure the day,night would be.fine with some more in depth thinking ;)

    Good idea :)
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  12. Those servers most likely use gameplay changing plugins, since player specific day/night cycles isn't possible by default.
  13. This is not possible without server and client side plugins. So, not gonna happen, sorry.
  14. Sure it might be possible, but I do not anticipate this happening anytime in the near/forseeable future.
  15. That's not completely true. We could make it possible, just would take more time than it is worth.
  16. Good idea finch_rocks_1! But wouldn't it depend what residence biome it was for the weather? For instance, it wouldn't snow in a desert!
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  17. You could set client time on red enter/exit, but really, I don't see it worth the time investment.
  18. Everythings possible for residence as we no longer use the residence plugin and fully control every bit of the code (which is like completely different than the public res plugin now)

    But, it is not possible to change time in a per area basis (outside of making the client THINK its a specific time).
    And I don't believe its even possible to change weather either, as weather has same server behavior impacting elements and is also entire world based.

    So sorry, its just not possible/feasible to do this on a technology level.
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  19. i would like it if some town servers were always night while others always day but meh
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