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  1. hey empire!
    - i searched this for a good 15 minutes in various different ways to make sure i wouldn't double suggest something and i didn't find anything. though i could have sworn i read about it somewhere? and i wanted to check up on its stats on how that is going or if it wont happen.
    if there is a thread that is along the lines as mine please link me, or close this.

    what i want, is a way to "hide" a thread.. just like the option how you can follow, or unfollow a thread.
    i want to be able to hide a thread from my view so that i don't see it ever again.
    this would work for many different things..
    if i'm not interested in an auction/event//misc posts/drama/or something else that doesn't really interest me i don't want to be clogging up my most recent threads section.

    so, yeah, there. :)
  2. I am not finding any negatives so why not?

    I might as well hide all of that pesky samsimx posts.
  3. Are you thinking of more of a singular 'hide' whereas you choose the pages you wish to not see, or a global 'hide' where you could hide the 'Auction' sub-forum for example?
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  4. I'll bring it up and see if it is an option. Like a way to "leave the thread"...
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  5. I think this might all depend on Xenfro capabilities. I like it, I just down know if it is possible with Xenfro.
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  6. Its actually possible to do with just using outside coding.. and 'forcing' it to happen. We are researching capabilities right now.
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  7. no, i do not mean a global hide on a specific section.
    i mean individually. that there is an option that says 'i don't want to see this' or something like that.
    i like seeing auction posts, and other random things.. but say like if i didn't want to see a single thread that is about something i don't want to read.. like the most recent issues thread.
    i don't want to keep seeing that anymore lol, as i don't like getting into that kind of thing and i'd rather distance myself from such things.
    it is easy to just ignore a thread, but its just... annoying, to have to see it block out more meaningful threads than people complaining =\
  8. any updates on this?
  9. I have no updates on this but I fully support it!
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  10. I definitely like this idea
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  11. well duh you don't have any updates ;P twas asking staff members :) :p
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  12. The Graaaaaand Magussssssss!!!!!! Can't really argue...
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  13. so imma bump this again since nothings been said about if it can or cannot happen :D
  14. since the website is going through changes, and not too many people have noticed this, and its been a while.... i'm just ganna send another bump. :D
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  16. this definitely deserves another bump.. this time i'm begging. lol
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  17. This, so much this.

    A block feature would be great too, so many flame wars and drama would be avoided.

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  18. I Agree on this! I already have one in mind to hide XD. I Really Want This To Happen!
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  19. main reason why i thought this was a grand time to bump this old thread of mine! lol
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  20. I Think We Have The Same Thread In Mind XD
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