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  1. NOTE: This has not previously been suggested before, shown here.

    When creating a small thread such as "[Auction] DC of Sheep" or "[Discussion] Fallout 4", most will not see this as a necessary addition. However, some threads (i.e. FDNY21's 18200 Empire Minecraft Museum, byeforeverthe2nd's Ender Builders Campaign) are very lengthy and take a long time of editing, adding content to, and updating before posting to the EMC Forums. In order to work on and finish a very long thread, I have to leave my browser open and cannot disconnect from any connection while still working on the thread.

    When working on long threads that require a lot of info and getting-back-to, it takes more than a day of work to make sure that all is in order. I've noticed that if you have a "Create Thread:" open too long, once you click the "Create Thread" button, the thread disappears due to an error and you are back to ground zero.

    In the process of this, I discovered that sending private messages to an alternate account works perfect!..almost. Although it works well when sending the private message, when making the transition from conversation to a thread via copy and paste, the format is messed up, and calls for a little bit more finesse to get it just right.

    I propose that members should gain the ability to save a thread as a draft, with the purpose of working on it later.

    It could look like this...
    Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.51.54 PM.png
    NOTE: This is not meant to replace the "Upload a File" button, it was just for the purpose of showing that this button could be nested alongside the others. ;)

    In the case this does get looked at for application, I propose that each player is limited to less than or equal to three drafts at any given time.

    tl;dr — Long threads take a long time to make and sometimes disappear; please add the ability to save as a draft!

    What do y'all think? Bene? Male? Post your thoughts below, and let me know!
  2. Whenever I take a long time to create a thread before I click "Create Thread" I copy my work and if it doesn't work then I just paste it in a new "Create Thread". But this would definitely save me a lot of trouble. :)
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  3. +1 I can't tell you how many times I was making a very long thread/reply and it got deleted to some unexpected error...
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  7. Great idea! Currently I save all my unfinished threads in a Word document, but this would be much easier. :)
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  8. Yah, I like the idea too but I'm not too sure how feasible it could be for EMC. I'm aware that some Xenforo versions support this option but that's also the (possible) problem: it could be version related and then I'm not too sure if this will ever find its way onto the Empire.

    In the mean time a sure way to save your stuff, layout and everything, and you can even do this using something as trivial as Notepad: Click the a/A icon in the upper right corner, it should get you into the "BB Editor". Here you'll find all posts surrounded with 'BBCode markup'.

    So... Instead of seeing:

    So... Instead of seeing:

    You'd actually see something like this:

    [i]So...[/i] [u]Instead[/u] of seeing:

    (yes, that was a little joke but also meant seriously :D)

    All that's left to do now is control-a (select all) and paste it elsewhere, like Notepad. This is the best way to make sure all your markup, pictures and everything remains as is.

    SO yah, I like your suggestion. But I also wonder if it can be implemented without a (possibly required) Xenforo upgrade.
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  9. New version of Xenforo automatically autosaves posts, so eventual forum upgrade will include something similar to this.
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  10. Was hoping to receive an official statement on whether or not this would be plausible.
  11. What Jack said.