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  1. I am highly concerned of The End World Use within the Frontier for majority of members.

    I have seen many, and I mean many use it as farming metropolis for shulker and electra's respectively and make thousands on the untapped cities since there is no other incentive for players to be there. I've always had the sense that Frontier worlds shall be used only for building and to farm/mine in them (Without reason) is frowned upon. At current rates, End World spawns of cities will be wiped clean. Some member already wants chests to "regen" city loot which is already showing the issue is going to continue to get worse without some talk.

    First suggestion is that Nether and End Worlds shall be treated as like the overworld counter part. The only reason reason to be able to explore/mine/find resources in the frontier as long as you have the intent of building with those resources within the frontier world. This ties with my 2nd suggestion to make The End world a worth expedition.

    This last suggestion is for being able to claim an outpost in End world. I understand the reason with nether outposts because you could accidently be placing a base on certain coordinates that match with the overworld equivalent. The End is a different world completely where that isn't an issue.

    Farming/mining/exploring for items should be left for Wastelands where those worlds do reset. Having a different incentive to explore the End world on frontier and clearing the rules up should help the current ongoing problem of exploitation of resources.
  2. I personally use the frontier end for end hunting because the wastelands ends get depleted so quickly, not just because there's nothing else to do there.
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  3. You want me to clarify with that? I thought that was the main point when I said
    Here are the exact quote from Krysyy about resets.
    Again drawing to my suggestion in the first place to be clear what frontier land should be used for.

    I do agree those resources are used up very quickly, so having a clear guideline on wasteland resets would be nice, seems like current system is on every update which happens every year or when EMC members complain enough. (From track record). Krysyy does mention periodically, but that term is very vague and if you wanted, you can suggest actual reset times on a monthly basis for wastelands. You can look over the calendar now and there isn't any scheduled resets. I can fondly remember the 1.12 to 1.15 update where it took forever for wastelands to reset because "We are close" quotes which left wastelands bare for a long while.

    At the end of the day, being clear what worlds should be used for and exactly what you are using them for Waffle is exactly the issue I am talking about
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  4. Shulker hunting is adventuring, not farming. It isn't like the the dessert pyramids, or monster dungeons in the overworld are not the same. They get looted and forgotten.

    And as waffle said, it isn't like there is a choice to make...

    I'm pretty sure that my record shulker hunting sessions in the waste (~8 hours) hunted about 1/3 of all the cities in a smp waste... if we use that as a guide...

    1 single player can hunt every single city in 24 hours of work, 3 days (for 8 hour sessions). if that same player wanted to hunt every single city in EMC they would need 21 days. Shulkers are a very scarce resource which if the process of acquiring them is refined, can be very efficient can blow through the 16k x 16k blocks squared area within the first week if we assume that more than 10 players are actively end hunting.

    I do like the idea of making outpost in the end. Maybe even a live map of the end worlds, at least the waste.
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  5. The waste end would need to reset far more often than it does if you want to end shulker hunting in the overworld end. Or the end waste needs to be MUCH larger. One player can quickly clear an end waste because of the limited size. End cities have a pattern to their generation and are easy to clear with good armor/weapons.
  6. Not apposed to making wastelands End worlds larger to accommodate this
  7. I'm not either. People turn to the frontier end for shulkers/elytra because the waste end can no longer offer them those resources. A much larger waste end would help solve this problem. Or if making the waste end larger isn't an option, have the shulkers and elytra respawn in the end cities after a certain amount of time.

    As for outposts in the end. +1 to that part. I see no harm in allowing them.
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  8. You are forgetting the elytra part of End "hunting" where you loot chests (still exploring resource gathering). Shulkers naturally, do not respawn after killed so saying they aren't desert pyramids is exactly the opposite, that's exactly happening with End Cities. There are other ways of collecting skulkers by turning on enraged spawns where they spawn not in a city. This was proven when I was in a End event in the wasteland with Tbird but its only a bandaid.

    I guess I am not explaining it enough? I thought my translation on regards to exactly what I am pushing for was clear. Hunting/gathering within frontier End worlds is exactly what I am saying shouldn't happen. It should be people who are actually going to be using that world for a outpost as my 2nd suggestion noted as a different incentive to use frontier End worlds. As it stands, it's exactly what you are saying, a larger area to loot/collect/hunt for shulkers and elytras
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  9. The wiki says the waste resets every three months. At that rate, we're one month over due for one. I think we should be more consistent with sticking to the schedule to alleviate the strain on rare resources.
    Expanding the waste border sounds nice too, if it doesn't hurt the servers too much.
  10. I also felt like the Frontier shouldn't be used for resource gathering. However, that's not what's in the Wiki.

    This, however, is only relevant to the Wastelands, not the Frontier. I can understand the thought process (and recognise it myself) of "The Wastelands are intended for gathering resources so the Frontier shouldn't be used for gathering resources", but it's not actually a valid entailment at all.
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  11. I always thought you could only add to the Wilderness Frontier, Nether and End with resources gathered in the Waste versions. With the intension of not scarring those lands by mining them.

    The rules should be clarified then.

    I wouldn't mind if the waste were reset more often but that action would reduce prices on rare items.
  12. I can edit my first suggestion is for clarification of what the worlds use should be used for. If anyone remembers azoundria's business where you went out on smp1 frontier to strip mining everything not only made me upset (Because I felt like it was a chore) but removed the resources for other possible settlers.

    EMC made it possible for others to completely remove themselves from town restrictions and move their buildings elsewhere to a true feel minecraft experience. That's another reason why EMC is special for many. It's the majority who live in town that tap into those resources willy-nilly and not think for those individuals who live the frontier is where this problem arises, especially in The End.

    We already discussed about making End worlds in the wasteland larger to discourage others using frontier end worlds as hunting/collecting whatever term you may like to use. There was also a touch up on wasteland resets that has been said to be 3 months and we are due for another reset. In the same time, I suggested giving frontier end worlds a purpose and have outpost opportunity.

    Not relating to my reply to 607 post, but the ones who are opposed of banning End city busting in Frontier... I would like to know what other reasons you go out to the frontier End world other than to explore/hunt/collect/ect. shulkers and elytra in the frontier. Other than for those reasons, there isn't much else I can think of. End stone and chorus fruit are in abundance in the wastelands. Members have already mentioned making wasteland worlds larger, would that be a compromise as well as resetting the wastelands at a timely manner as stated from wiki?
  13. Pyramids are monster dungeons is the only place where you can find Notch apples now. When I happen to find a dungeon, I usually destroy the spawners (for safety) which are nonrenewable.... the same as totems of undying where the villagers don't respawn in mansions. They dangerous monsters with valuable unique loot. If a player likes to PvE I don't see any reason why they shouldn't if there is no other place to go.

    As you said, I doubt many players are actually building in the End, so I might suggest to "reset everything outside of 200k blocks outs." They could help with world size if its an issue for the server. Expanding the Waste is a good solution, which imo EMC should go all out in size to assure that players can acquire all the resources needed in a world without compromising the Frontier.
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  14. Here is the deal, I am not saying that you can't do those things. The frontier is just isn't the place for that
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  15. The Frontier is for permanency and the Waste is for resources.
    The End has long been held as 'immune' to this rule - as a custom, not as a sanctified rule. In part, the obsidian pillars are called "renewable" by players because they reappear if you spawn a new dragon.
    So are they permanent or are they resources?

    If shulkers don't respawn, there is no way to keep players from looting the Frontier End. Either the Waste End needs reset more often or the Frontier End is eventually gonna have to get reset as well. Face the facts - it is really really hard to find stuff in the Frontier End and eventually there will be a similar situation to the 2012 decision to once and only once to reset the Frontier and add the Waste worlds.

    It's not an if... it's a when. Because it is coming.
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  16. There is a way to successfully reset the end by deleting the end world files but not the overworld files. This of course is what I am trying to avoid because you have the End farms and hopefully soon to be outposts. Specifically labeling frontier ends for use with players who live or plan to build in the frontier long term is just a clarification on what we should or shouldn't do in each world as what we discussed
  17. Agreed. My post was referring to what is bound to happen if nothing changes. I have been hearing this same issue being discussed since I first joined and it just seems to be getting worse.
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  18. I don't understand why we would ever reset the frontier end.
    Maybe I missed that explanation on why that is a reasonable option.
  19. I personally was avoiding that option as I said from the post after Katy. This was new idea that popped up