Suggestion: Thanksgiving Tomahawk

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by fishmeal, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. The name could certainly use some work, but I would like to see an axe weapon promo.
    I'm not sure what would be balanced, but an iron/diamond axe with: Sharpness V-VII (whatever is equal to sharp V sword), Unbreaking IV, Efficiency IV
    or something like that.

    If that fails, you can give me a Christmas Tree Axe for Christmas. :p
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  2. Great! But unbreaking 5 because 5 is cooler. xD
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  3. Sure, unbreaking 10.

    This was a discussion on smp1. We also really wanted a hoe that tilled a 9x9 space with one click. :p
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  4. Indian Thanksgiving? Now please. Please.
  5. I'm ignorant on the subject, but is an axe relevant to Thanksgiving? :confused:
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  6. Is a sword relavent to Thanksgiving? Really, the only way a Tomohok is relevant is because it has to do with the Indians.

    Sorry, -1
  7. I like the idea, but as sky said, it's not directly related to thanksgiving. A food item, such as bread, could be more related, or some type of Native American looking armor, which I have no idea how it would look like. Im honestly not sure how the axe would relate, but I do want another tool in the near future :)

  8. In last year's context the sword was relevant
  9. Turkey slicer sword?
    Turkey decapitator axe
    nice, now it's relevant
  10. To be honest, if we do get a Thanksgiving promo, while I enjoy this idea, it seems a little... overpowered. If it's a weapon axe, why does it need Efficiency IV? I'd rather see a new version of the Turkey Slicer or some sort of thanksgiving food. Maybe instead of having a promo, chickens could rarely drop Thanksgiving turkeys (cooked chickens) for a week. I dunno. :p
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  11. A sword in general.

    I would have to change my -1 into 0 for one reason. They can always make it a kind of battle axe or something. The name could be something such as a Turkey Chopper. My voice does not represent the empire, nor will it ever but I just think that the promo would have to be directly related to the holiday.
  12. How about if we get a Thanksgiving beacon that you don't need any blocks to activate. The beacon could symbolize getting your family together to give thanks.
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  13. Uhhh, Why? :confused:
  14. I agree, the name is terrible.
    Maybe we can leave it for my Christmas Tree Feller :p
  15. No, but I figure you guys are creative at EMC. Maybe the hoe was a better suggestion... Crops and all that...
  16. I wouldn't mind a hoe with some magical enchants on it. Can't really ever go wrong with a hoe really.
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  17. or we could go and predict what the promo would be. the last two promotional items were repeats of previous promos with minor differences, so maybe the thanksgiving one could be another sword. the promo could also be a bow or something because the native americans (not indians; people call them indians because columbus or whoever it was that discovered america thought he landed on india) used them. after the settlers made peace with the natives several hundred years back, they prepared us a feast and that's what's known as thanksgiving today.
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  18. Or a promo horse thats called "Buffalo"
  19. I don't see why not.
    I really hope it's not another Turkey Slicer.

    A bow would be cool too. I would really like an actual buffalo, but I don't think that's going to happen.
    I was less concerned about sticking with the theme and more concerned about getting some promo tools. :D
  20. I got it, since everyone forgets Thanksgiving anyway and goes straight to Christmas, we can just have another Christmas promo on Thanksgiving! :eek::eek::eek: