[Suggestion] Tell players to go back to an Outpost

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  1. Hi gang,

    We see a lot of new players join but we also see plenty of new players leave. Sometimes this is understandable: EMC isn't for everyone, simple as that. There will always be players who don't like EMC.

    But I think that there is a growing problem: players who head into the Frontier of Wastelands only to discover that they can no longer use /home or /town and such. They can't chat outside town, maybe don't even know how to /tell things, and before you know they're lost and disconnect.

    Note: that's merely the impression I'm starting to get. Just now did a new player join, asks a question, ends up in /waste and before I could message him (to tell him about "go back to the outpost") he disconnected.


    Add a line which tells players to go back to an outpost in order to leave.

    Perhaps something like this:

    "The Wastelands are the primary location to harvest resources. You need to be on an outpost before you can leave again."

    The reason I mention this is because the help message which players get while performing some commands in the waste isn't really helping them at all. When I do /home to go back to town then this is what I see:

    "Town commands can only be used in Town. /help town for more info."

    That's fun: I can only use town commands to go back to town while I'm in town?

    Even if you do /help town you can still end up confused:

    So I need to use /home to go back to my residence, but this command can only be used in town. I can use /town to go back to town spawn, but even that command can only be used in town. While I'm in the wastelands. Help!!

    As such my second suggestion: change that error message up there, it's confusing players!

    "Town commands can only be used in Town, or while standing on an outpost. /help town for more info.".
  2. +1, can't hurt.
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  3. +1^10 I think you are correct in your assumption. i think if players left skeletons behind, we would se many new players bones on the ground who just gave up not knowing how to get back to their res or how to use the live map.
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  4. +1, currently very confusing for new players
  5. Definitely! It's confusing: it tells you to do /help town, while you can't even use any of the commands there.
  6. +1 I totally agree with this
  7. +1
    This would help new players understand
  8. and a wee bump :)
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  9. Now if only there was some way to integrate this recommendation into the tutorial too, new players would have the knowledge long enough to answer a question or two about it. (If it is, pretend I said nothing. I've not been through the tutorial in quite some time...)