[Suggestion] Teleportation with words!

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  1. With the new private messaging by purely clicking a players name, I had idea where if you clicked say, 8700, you would teleport to 8700. Clicking a players name in chat would teleport you to that player too.

    Main reason I say this is for new players, it is an annoyance to do /v newplayername every 5 minutes. Would be much easier with a single click and then welcome them :)
  2. +1 Good Idea, would save about 5 seconds per res visiting, which would save hours of time in our lives...
  3. Great idea

    It would also make it much easier for the spelling impaired to get some of these names right.
  4. *looks over at brother and sister* well they never get anything right lol
  5. I support!
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  6. How can clicking a player's name send them a private message and teleport you to their residence?
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  7. Here is what I mean:
    Me: Where is a good store?
    Them: At Todd_Vinton <---- You click that
  8. +1 sounds really good!
  9. This is what I mean.
  10. You should be able to turn it off coz I always have multiple windows open and happen to hit the name without meaning to, like I will call someone on skype then click on the minecraft window and hit the name of a random person but I dont want to tp there, I personally like the way it is now
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  11. Well, I can make the /v newplayername clickable.

    I have ideas to make all player names clickable (not just the From chat message part), but that'll have to come later.

    But adding #'s to map to residences is plausible but concerned of false linking, maybe tag it like #1111 instead to auto link
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  12. That sounds so much better. Thanks!
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  13. Yay, having to use a # will prevent the conflictions with my name :p
  14. there's one thing i actually thought: if you had a res on SMP1, but it wasn't res #607, what would happen if we did /v 607?
    if we were on a server that neither res #607 or 607's res were on, would it say that res is on smp1, or his server?
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  15. Thats a great question. :3
  16. On an other server it says that my home is on smp1, I believe.