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  1. Maybe call it Sticky Hands or something. Basically, everything you break/remove goes straight to your inventory. If your inventory is full, it drops like a normal item. This can be toggleable.


  2. +1. Seems fair enough. :)
  3. Smart. ;) +1
  4. Had to vote down this one, for this reason. It would give the "supporters" too much of an advantage.

    You are in the nether, hovering over a lava lake, chopping glowstone. No risk to losing items. Meanwhile the non-supporter is having to chop carefully and hope it doesn't fall. Same goes with Obsidian in this situation.
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  5. While you do have a valid point, I don't think it can be considered that much of an advantage. It is not like the activities where this would give a clear advantage are extremely common to the point where it is unfair. Mining obsidian and glowstone is a fairly uncommon thing to do.
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  6. Normal players can have the same "advantage" just by using common sense.
    BOOM! Platform.

    BOOM! Water.

    In reality, this perk only causes less time to be consumed.
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  7. Gonna have to vote this one down... The item drop is a very vanilla feature and I feel that removing this game mechanic for supporters would be against the "French Vanilla" aspect of EMC
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  8. I feel like item drop in most situations is less of an integral feature than being able to transfer XP between servers and being able to keep it on death.
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  9. EMC isn't really french vanilla anymore. I think it is just chocolate now. Aikar has been straying further and further away.

    EDIT: Jkjkjk, you sly ninja
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  10. French Vanilla is an outdated term. EMC has moved so far away from Vanilla, it's more like cookies 'n cream. It's different, got some nice BIG chunks of non-vanilla in there, but it still has some of the vanilla aspect.
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  12. Maybe there should be a mechanic where when near lava or fire. The item you break will be instantly put in your inventory.
    anyway I give this a +1
  13. I am sorry but I couldn't help but laugh. Not at you or anyone else but at one of my ill fated water obsidian mining debacles. There I was standing in the water chop chop chopping at the obsidian when POP, I got the block of obsidian. Then the water pushed me into the lava where I immediately sank under the burning surface where the water formed a new chunk of obsidian above me! ARRRGHHH I was trapped! I can laugh about it now, a little bit. I lost a lot of stuff that day.
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  14. -1. Supporters have too much perky things now. I haven't even gotten the chance to be supporter. Lets not add this, too non-vanilla. (I know there's chocolate, but if we add this, this will make minecraft into a mushy vanilla-chocolate. :p)